SCHELL recognised as a Top 100 Next Generation Company

SCHELL receives further international acclaim for its innovative and pioneering sanitary equipment solutions. The expert jury responsible for judging the global World Future Awards names SCHELL as one of the international Top 100 Next Generation Companies for 2023. This accolade identifies businesses that exhibit outstanding excellence and innovative abilities, and whose advanced products are having a positive influence on the world for future generations. Nor is this the first time that SCHELL has picked up a World Future Award: in 2023, SCHELL’s SWS was also recognised as the best water management system.

‘The future is now’ was the slogan under which the jury for the World Future Awards picked out their top 100 from countless companies nominated from all over the world. The prize winners also represent a very wide range of sectors – from donation platforms and AI tools to food supplements and outstanding sanitary equipment solutions. Common to all World Future Awards prize winners, however, are their innovative solutions and a forward-looking, pioneering role within their own industry. SCHELL was able to impress the World Future Awards jury thanks to its innovation, and a focus on people and the environment.

Environmentally aware, sustainable business

From development to production and use, and then recycling – with the cradle‑to‑cradle approach, sustainability is all part of day‑to‑day business at SCHELL. Our products themselves support the sustainable handling of drinking water as a scarce resource. With SCHELL’s contactless fittings, for example, water consumption can be cut by up to 70 percent. An optimally adjusted angle valve is another quick and easy way to cut water usage by up to 40 percent.

Focusing on people

Our innovative products also offer users a greater level of comfort and safety. With electronic SCHELL fittings, for example, contactless or low‑contact operation can significantly reduce the risk of contact infections, thereby improving user hygiene. The SWS Water Management System offers operators of facilities on (semi-)public premises support for maintaining drinking water hygiene with automated stagnation flushes. Other products, such as fittings from the MODUS series, provide optimum anti-scalding protection, making them especially suitable for use by children and people with slower reaction times.

“We’re so happy to see SCHELL recognised as a Top 100 Next Generation Company. The award shows that our company is truly appreciated for what it is: innovative, sustainable and user‑focused,” says Andrea Bußmann, Head of Marketing, Sales and Product Management.

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