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Sanitary facilities on semi-public and public premises specify high standards for the robustness and design of modern professional fittings. Especially in scenarios where accessible solutions are needed, the low-cost option of fittings from the MODUS series is possible even on a tight budget.
Durability and an appealing design are characteristic of the fittings in the MODUS series. And the attractive price/performance point for MODUS means that SCHELL quality is also affordable even on a tight budget. The MODUS series can also be used to design sanitary facilities to be both accessible and sustainable.

Water-saving and contactless – MODUS E wash basin tap

The contactless MODUS E sensor taps with their attractive price/performance point meet all of the requirements for cost-effectiveness, durability and user hygiene in public facilities. The robust metal design is vandal-proof and features a security device to protect against the deliberate blocking of the IR sensor – such as with chewing gum. After being configured via short-range reflex, regular stagnation flushes also help to maintain drinking water quality in the building.

The water-saving wash basin taps also help to promote good user hygiene: their contactless operation helps avoid any and all direct contact with the tap while patrons are washing their hands at the basin. The flow of water starts automatically once a hand comes into the sensor’s detection range and stops automatically afterwards. This considerably reduces the risk of a contact infection and thereby protects user health. As a pillar tap, MODUS E is available in two outlet lengths (187 mm, 230 mm). The tap can optionally be operated by a long-lasting battery, making it an easy retrofit for existing installations.
MODUS E is also available as a battery-operated electronic wall outlet tap.

Four variants in SCHELL quality – MODUS EH and EH-T single-lever mixers

The robust single-lever mixers in the MODUS series are available in a total of four separate variants. Customers can choose between a loop lever, which is particularly easy to use, or an attractive designer lever. MODUS wash basin taps with both lever variants are also each available with a basic cartridge or with a ThermoProtect cartridge. With all MODUS wash basin taps equipped with ThermoProtect, this innovative technology offers reliable anti-scalding protection:even if the cold water line fails or pressure fluctuations occur in the system, the water never gets hotter than 43 °C. Thanks to this functionality, single-lever mixers with ThermoProtect are ideally suited for installation in sanitary facilities that are used by children, senior citizens or people unable to respond quickly to dangerous situations.

Well-designed shower thermostat – MODUS MD-T exposed shower fitting

The MODUS MD-T exposed shower fitting embodies the timeless design of the MODUS series, offering an impressive haptic appeal plus optimum suitability for accessible sanitary facilities. The well thought-out design of the shower thermostat, especially in terms of its handles and markings, makes it intuitive to use, even for user groups with physical limitations.

MODUS MD-T is also equipped with innovative ThermoProtect technology. Especially in the shower, the anti-scalding protection achieved by ThermoProtect technology is especially important. Contact with hot water while showering not only runs the risk of scald injuries to the skin but also other hazards such as a bad fall, resulting from slipping on wet tiles in an attempt to avoid the shower jet.

The shower thermostat also offers a number of other valuable benefits: thanks to its IsoBody housing, the thermostat does not heat up but remains at ambient temperature. This prevents burns to the skin. The optionally available SCHELL shower kit and SCHELL hand shower perfectly complement the shower thermostat.

MODUS EH-T and MODUS MD-T: prize-winners with accessibility options

Two fittings in the MODUS series have received awards for their quality and product properties. The MODUS EH-T wash basin tap offers an open loop lever that is especially easy to take hold of, plus ThermoProtect technology for reliable anti-scalding protection. The MODUS MD-T shower fitting also features ThermoProtect, as well as an IsoBody housing that is thermally insulated and therefore offers reliable protection against burns. Both of these fittings have won the prestigious Plus X Award in no less than four categories – High Quality, Design, User Comfort and Functionality.

More information about the MODUS series can be found in our brochure.

For building certification: optional LEED flow regulator

Wash basin taps in the MODUS series have been engineered with a design that ensures cost-effective operation over a long service life. These models also offer the option of being fitted with LEED flow regulators to further cut water consumption. These flow regulators help planners and operators gain additional points for ecological building certification according to LEED/BREEAM.


The wide choice of fittings in the MODUS series means that they are a smart option for a broad range of installation scenarios. Thanks to their attractive pricing, they also remain an option for new-build or renovation projects running on a tight budget. They are therefore an ideal choice for low-volume projects. In all of these scenarios, MODUS offers a low-cost way to enjoy the trusted SCHELL quality. In terms of design, all models – from wash basin tap to shower thermostat – combine perfectly with one another, their uniform, timeless contours helping to create a homogenous look in sanitary facilities on semi-public or public premises. This is a key advantage that has helped the MODUS series to gain international recognition for its innovative approach: thanks to their user-friendly features, the loop-lever version of MODUS EH-T and the MODUS MD-T, each equipped with ThermoProtect technology, both recently won the Plus X Award.

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