SCHELL MODUS E wash basin taps: the affordable non-contact alternative for optimum hand hygiene in public buildings.

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With the new, non-contact MODUS E taps, SCHELL now offers hygienic solutions that are optimally aligned with the stringent requirements for public facilities. The robust metal design is vandal-proof and features a security device to protect against the deliberate blocking of the IR sensor. Regular stagnation flushes help to maintain the required level of service in the building.

Available as a wash basin or wall-mounted tap

The new fittings are available as wash basin or wall-mounted taps, including flow regulator with pressure-independent flow control and stagnation flush 24 hours after the last use, and range control using short range reflex. The MODUS E wash basin tap is available in two versions: on the one hand, as an electronic wash basin tap for cold water and premixed water (battery or mains operation) and, on the other hand, as an electronic wash basin tap with mixer shaft and optional hot water stop (battery or mains operation).

The MODUS E electronic wall-mounted tap for cold water and premixed water can be easily retrofitted thanks to battery operation and is available in two lengths (187 and 230 mm).

Fittings with quadruple protection

The MODUS E taps offer quadruple protection of user health thanks to non-contact triggering, of drinking water hygiene as a result of stagnation flushes, of functionality due to a vandal-proof design and of the electronics on account of integrated reverse polarity protection. In terms of hygiene, contact-free taps are the best choice of fitting since all hand contact with the tap can be avoided entirely. The flow of water starts automatically once a hand comes into the sensor’s detection range and stops automatically after a preconfigured time. This considerably reduces the risk of a contact infection thereby protecting user health.

Stagnation flushes promote drinking water hygiene during service interruptions

In (semi-)public buildings, safeguarding operation of the drinking water installation by ensuring the water in the pipelines is exchanged regularly according to regulations can be problematic and time-consuming. During company or school holidays, for example, maintaining this level of service can quickly become impossible. Thanks to automatic stagnation flushes, MODUS E helps to maintain the quality of the drinking water, as it simulates normal use of the system.

No need to worry about vandalism

A lot of public buildings fall victim to frequent attacks of vandalism. This is where the robust metal fitting wins out with its vandal-proof design. For example, anti-blocking protection on the infrared sensor ensures that the water flow stops automatically if something like a piece of chewing gum is stuck over the trigger field.

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