Case studies – SCHELL solutions for first-class design in the idyllic South Tyrol

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A four-star hotel with a warm and welcoming atmosphere in Ridnauntal plus a gourmet eatery next to the Ahrntal ski slopes – in a place where quality of stay is a top priority for patrons, design and user comfort must meet the highest standards. To meet this goal, local operators of upmarket hotels and restaurants have opted to install electronic fittings from SCHELL’s XERIS series.

Hotel Sonklarhof, South Tyrol (Italy)

For guests at the Sonklarhof four-star hotel, quality of stay is the be-all and end-all. Accordingly, the owner prioritised aesthetic appeal and user comfort when their choosing sanitary equipment. For the wash basin fit-out, electronic, contactless fittings from the XERIS series were chosen, which provide a harmonious combination of design, user hygiene and drinking water quality.


During renovations, the hotel’s WCs were to be redesigned to be more aesthetically appealing. Facility fittings also needed to blend seamlessly with the high-quality interior decor. Optimum user hygiene was another key requirement, since the sanitary facilities are used every day by many hotel guests and visitors. The wash basin taps needed to reduce the risk of contact infections from handwashing while saving as much water as possible during use. The owner was also looking to carry out stagnation flushes, so as to maintain drinking water quality.


The electronic XERIS E HD-K wash basin taps met the needs of the hotel owners in every respect, as they offer an impressively elegant and aesthetically appealing design together with a wide range of functions. With an outlet height of 280 mm and a chrome-finished tap body made from brass, the XERIS E HD-K presents a striking contrast to the wash basins in natural stone in the public sanitary facilities at Hotel Sonklarhof. Thanks to the infrared sensor, guests and visitors benefit from the water-saving, hygienic and convenient features of the tap for users: the flow of water starts without contact and stops automatically after handwashing, once users take their hands out of the sensor field. The contactless infrared sensors make the taps especially economical with water, since water only flows when it is actually required. Offering a reduction in water consumption of up to 70 percent compared with single-lever taps, XERIS E offers economical and resource-friendly operation. The follow-up time and other tap parameters, such as the maximum flow time and the sensor range, can be adjusted directly on the wash basin tap by short-range reflex. XERIS E also offers the hotel owner the option of carrying out stagnation flushes and therefore implementing a preventive measure to avoid the propagation of harmful bacteria in the piping.

More information about the project and other SCHELL products used for this customer can be found in the Hotel Sonklarhof case study.

Restaurant Stochas, South Tyrol (Italy)

In the heart of the Ahrntal, XERIS E fittings from SCHELL complement a modern approach to design and hygiene at this gourmet eatery. For the interior fit-out, the owner focused on a contemporary look and aesthetics. Electronic XERIS E taps on the wash basins were therefore ideal as a finishing touch to this stylish overall design while promoting user hygiene.


An aesthetically appealing design and support for user hygiene were the key aims in the sanitary facility fit-out. For the wash basins, the owner was looking for functional yet elegant taps that could offer Stochas patrons a high level of user comfort. At the same time, the risk of contact infections during handwashing also needed to be reduced. Lastly, the new wash basin taps also needed to be economical regarding water consumption and so help to ensure resource-friendly operations.


The electronic XERIS E HD-M wash basin taps blend harmoniously with the contemporary approach to design and hygiene taken at Stochas. With their extra-tall pillar and softly rounded contours, the taps are an eye-catching addition to the wash basins. The 280 mm outlet height is another special feature here. The flow of water starts without contact and stops automatically after handwashing, once the hands have been taken out of the sensor field. The preferred water temperature can be adjusted easily using the temperature control on the side. As water only flows when hands are present in the sensor’s detection field, this also makes the XERIS E exceptionally economical in terms of water consumption. In this way, the intelligent tap contributes to efficient and resource-friendly use. XERIS E can also carry out automatic stagnation flushes, which are configurable by short-range reflex. Stagnation flushes can be set up to run every 24 hours, or alternatively 24 hours after the last usage. This avoids the spread of harmful bacteria such as Legionella while offering support for maintaining drinking water quality.

More information about the project and other SCHELL products used for this customer can be found in the Restaurant Stochas case study.


Operators of restaurants and hotels are required by law to take responsibility for the hygienic operation of their drinking water installations at all times. At the same time, these businesses want to offer their guests and patrons a first-class experience. This means design and user comfort are key priorities for the fit-out of the sanitary facilities in publicly accessible areas on their premises. The modern and elegant design featured in fittings from SCHELL’s XERIS series makes them an ideal choice for the upper end of the market, as does their functionality, which promotes user hygiene at the wash basins while offering optimum support for maintaining drinking water quality. Thanks to their water-saving properties, XERIS taps also help businesses to conserve resources and keep operations economical.

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