Außenansicht des Hotels Sonklarhof

Hotel Sonklarhof, Italy (South Tyrol)

XERIS E electronic taps meet exacting requirements for user hygiene at this 4-star hotel 

At Hotel Sonklarhof, the emphasis is on comfort and quality of stay for its guests. For the fit-out of the WC areas open to the public, the hotel owners were therefore interested in aesthetic appeal and uncompromising user comfort, especially regarding the choice of sanitary equipment. For the wash basins, the owners decided to install electronic XERIS E taps from SCHELL, which blend seamlessly with the sophisticated overall design and offer optimum support for user hygiene.

Project data

Property type: Hotel

Requirements: Renovations

Completion: 2017

Location: Ridnaun

Country: Italy (South Tyrol)

Architects: JuLE architecture-design

SCHELL products: XERIS E HD-K large electronic wash basin tap


As part of general renovations, the female and male WCs open to the public in this 4-star hotel were to be redesigned to be more aesthetically appealing. In choosing fittings, the building owners were looking in particular for products that would blend seamlessly with the high-quality interior decor on the premises. Optimum user hygiene was another key requirement, since the sanitary facilities are used every day by large numbers of guests and visitors. As one specific goal, the new wash basin taps should ideally reduce the risk of contact infection as a result of handwashing while also saving as much water as possible during use, to ensure resource-friendly building operations. The customer was also interested in carrying out stagnation flushes with the aim of preventing the spread of harmful Legionella bacteria in the piping.


The electronic XERIS E HD-K large wash basin taps met the needs of the hotel owners in every respect: with their extra-high pillar and softly rounded contours, they provide the perfect finishing touch to the sophisticated interior design chosen for the hotel’s WC facilities. The infrared sensor electronics in the fittings help to ensure user hygiene and comfort, as the fittings can be operated without contact. Since the flow of water stops automatically once the hands are taken out of the sensor range, the fitting no longer needs to be touched after handwashing is complete. This works to reduce the risk of disease transmission by contact infection. The contactless operation also means water only flows when it is actually required. Offering a reduction in water consumption of up to 70 percent compared with single lever taps, XERIS E therefore offers economical and resource-friendly operation. XERIS E also offers facility managers the option of carrying out stagnation flushes, which constitute a preventive measure to avoid the propagation of harmful bacteria in the piping. 

From function to comfort and hygiene to safety – the XERIS E pillar tap with contactless operation

The electronic XERIS E HD-K large not only offers an impressively elegant and aesthetically appealing design but also offers a wide range of functions. With an outlet height of 280 mm and a chrome-finished tap body made from brass, this pillar tap offers a striking contrast to the wash basins in natural stone in the public sanitary facilities at Hotel Sonklarhof, while offering an especially generous space for patrons to wash their hands. Thanks to the infrared sensor, guests and visitors benefit from the hygienic and convenient features of the tap for users: the flow of water starts without contact and stops automatically after handwashing, once the hands have been taken out of the sensor field. The contactless infrared sensors make the taps especially economical with water, since water only flows when it is actually required. The follow-up time and other tap parameters, such as the maximum flow time and the sensor range, can be programmed directly on the wash basin tap by short-range reflex. Facility managers can also configure automated stagnation flushes to maintain drinking water quality. These flushes ensure a regular exchange of water in the piping, and so prevent water from stagnating and therefore favouring the growth of harmful bacteria such as Legionella.

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About Hotel Sonklarhof

Hotel Sonklarhof has been designed to offer its guests the very best in comfort and relaxation in every conceivable way. Walks through lush green meadows and mountain tours in the summer, leisurely laps of the Loipe or speedy downhill runs on the ski slopes in winter, plus many interesting outdoor activities at all times of the year are all par for the course at this 4-star hotel in Ridnauntal, South Tyrol. This atmosphere of well-being is rounded off with an infinity pool fed by freshwater, a heated outdoor pool and a whirlpool looking out over the mountains. Hotel guests are also treated to a gourmet menu with a particular focus on traditional Tyrolean cuisine as well as Mediterranean delicacies. Pleasantly apportioned rooms, suites and holiday apartments round off the uniquely Swiss approach taken to this popular hotel, whose roots go back to its founding year of 1894, and which today combines the best of traditional hospitality and modern living.