Außenansicht des Restaurant Stochas im Schnee.

Stochas Food & Drinks, Italy (South Tyrol)

Electronic XERIS E taps put the finishing touches to a modern approach to design and hygiene at this gourmet eatery

By opening this boutique restaurant in the heart of the Ahrntal, head chef Manuel Hofer realised a long-awaited dream. For the interior fit-out, the owner focused on a contemporary look with unique aesthetics. Electronic XERIS E taps on the wash basins put the finishing touches to the stylish overall design while supporting user hygiene.

Project data

Property type: Restaurant

Requirements: New-build project

Completion: 2020

Location: Ahrntal

Country: Italy (South Tyrol)

Architects: Wodnar Design

SCHELL Products: XERIS E HD-M large electronic wash basin tap


The restaurant owner set two primary goals for the fit-out of the female and male WCs: an aesthetically appealing design and support for user hygiene. The new wash basin taps also needed to meet these requirements. For the four natural stone wash basins in the sanitary facilities, the owner was looking for a functional yet elegant solution that offered Stochas patrons a high level of user comfort. At the same time, the risk of contact infections during handwashing also needed to be reduced. Lastly, the new wash basin taps also needed to be as economical as possible for water consumption and therefore support resource-friendly operations


The electronic XERIS E HD-M large wash basin taps blend harmoniously with the contemporary approach to design and hygiene taken at Stochas. With their extra-high pillar and softly rounded contours, the taps are an eye-catching addition to the wash basins. Hygienic and comfortable use is ensured by the smart infrared sensor electronics for contactless operation. After handwashing, the flow of water stops automatically, so that the tap does not need to be touched with freshly washed hands. This substantially reduces the risk of contact infections. The XERIS E also cuts water consumption: water flows only when the user is holding their hands in the sensor field. In this way, the intelligent tap contributes to efficient and environmentally friendly use. XERIS E can also carry out automatic stagnation flushes, which can be configured by short-range reflex. Stagnation flushes can be set up every 24 hours, or 24 hours after the last usage or flush. This prevents the spread of harmful bacteria such as Legionella while supporting drinking water hygiene.  

XERIS E: a stylish eye-catcher with intelligent technology

Finished in high-gloss chrome, the elegant XERIS E HD-M large electronic wash basin tap creates a striking contrast to the natural stone wash basins in the sanitary facilities at Stochas. The outlet height of 280 mm is not only an eye-catching design feature but also means the taps offer a lot more room to patrons while handwashing. Thanks to the infrared sensor system, users benefit from both convenient and hygienic operation: the flow of water starts without contact and stops automatically after handwashing, once the hands have been taken out of the sensor field. The preferred water temperature can be adjusted easily using the temperature control on the side. As water only flows when hands are present in the sensor’s detection field, this also makes the XERIS E exceptionally economical in terms of water consumption. The follow-up time and other tap parameters, such as the maximum flow time and the sensor range, can be programmed directly on the wash basin tap by short-range reflex. If required, the owner can also configure automated stagnation flushes to maintain drinking water quality: these flushes ensure a regular exchange of water in the pipes, and so prevent water from stagnating and therefore favouring the growth of harmful Legionella bacteria. 

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About Restaurant Stochas

After many years working in prestigious international kitchens, Stochas is a dream come true for head chef Manuel Hofer: his very own restaurant. Located adjacent to the ski slopes in the idyllic Ahrntal in South Tyrol, Stochas – which means ‘Stonehouse’ in the local dialect – is the perfect venue for fans of sophisticated culinary adventures. The traditional and the modern are combined together here as eccentrically as they are tastefully, both in an architectural and gastronomical sense. The irregular arrangement of heavy wooden beams on the building's glass facade gives it the look of a modern half-timbered house. Inside, a geometric stylistic idiom plus dark woods and velvety materials create an inviting, warm ambience. At over 200 m² in size, the ‘Relax Terrace’ is the largest public rooftop terrace in the region and the perfect place to enjoy an aperitif. The menu offers everything from dumplings to specialities from the restaurant’s own artisanal pasta workshop or unusual takes on tapas, plus a broad selection of creative versions of local and international delicacies. In preparing his gourmet creations, Manuel Hofer only uses regional and seasonal products. The restaurant also serves over 15 types of beer, and more than 50 national and international wines. Themed culinary weeks and events like Beef Tasting or Rooftop Yoga Brunch round off the venue’s sophisticated gastronomic programme.