Außenansicht der Dreifeldsporthalle in Erbach

Multi-sports centre, Erbach

SCHELL products meet all demands for modern building services at new sports centre

In 2022, a new and larger multi-sports centre was constructed to replace the old and outdated Jahnsporthalle in Erbach, Baden-Württemberg. Advanced sanitary systems from SCHELL form part of the integrated building services model used here, fulfilling the highest hygienic and functional requirements in this modern, multifunctional sports centre.

Project data

Property type: Sports hall

Requirements: New-build project

Completion: November 2022

Location: Erbach

Country: Germany

Architects: Keppler + Kähn Consulting Engineers

Site area: 3,173 m² gross floor space

SCHELL products: SCHELL SWS Water Management System, CELIS E electronic wash basin tap, LINUS D-C-T concealed shower, COMFORT Flex shower head


The new multi-sports centre also needed to be ‘fighting fit’ in terms of its sanitary facilities, with innovative products capable of meeting the highest demands for functionality and drinking water/user hygiene. These sanitary facilities also needed to optimise the operational processes at the sports centre: here, building operators were looking for a solution that would support and simplify their record-keeping with the aim of proving the specified normal operation of the drinking water installation.


To ensure that drinking water hygiene could also be maintained during periods of minimal or even non-use – such as during school holidays – the project developers decided to install the SCHELL SWS Water Management System. This advanced technological solution offers an easy and flexible approach to networking the drinking water tapping points present in the showers and washing facilities at the sports centre. The use of individual, automated stagnation flushes effectively prevents the spread of harmful bacteria in the installation piping. This is not only much faster and more efficient than manual flushing but also helps building operators maintain regulatory compliance by proving the specified normal operation of the drinking water system. The digital documentation cannot be tampered with and is therefore 100% reliable. Records are kept on the system and do not need to be maintained by hand, further reducing operator workloads. Last but not least, contactless wash basin taps and low-contact shower fittings with an automatic water stop ensure high levels of user hygiene, comfort and resource-friendly operation.

A key part of the advanced sanitary facilities now installed at the Erbach multi-sports centre are the 25 CELIS E electronic wash basin taps that were chosen for the washrooms and networked with SCHELL SWS. This gives the building operators the option of executing regular stagnation flushes to support the maintenance of drinking water hygiene. Featuring a timeless, elegant design, the fittings utilise contactless triggering via an infrared sensor. This significantly reduces the risk of contact infections while offering optimum support for user hygiene – even during periods of peak usage. Since the flow of water is only triggered when a hand is present in the sensor field, the CELIS E electronic wash basin taps also help to ensure an economical approach to the use of water is a valuable resource. When the hands are taken out of the range of the sensor, the flow of water stops, meaning that water only flows when it is truly needed. And if a hand remains in the sensor field for too long or if the sensor is blocked for other reasons – such as someone sticking chewing gum over it – the flow of water will also stop after a preconfigured period of time.

LINUS D-C-T self-closing concealed shower panel: design meets function

A total of 38 LINUS D-C-T concealed showers have been installed in the multifunctional centre and networked using the SCHELL SWS Water Management System. Here too, parameters for individual stagnation flushes can be easily programmed and triggered automatically. Featuring an elegant, minimalist design with high-gloss stainless steel front panels and splash-proof CVD-Touch electronics, the showers are triggered using the pressure-sensitive actuation element and stop the flow of water automatically after a preconfigured period of time. In this way, the electronic self-closing fitting makes a significant contribution to maintaining user hygiene in the showers at this popular sports hall while simultaneously saving water. Anti-scalding protection is also provided by the built-in thermostat, even if the cold water line fails or pressure fluctuations occur in the system. A temperature control with locking disc for maximum temperature limitation also offers the familiar level of comfort from LINUS D-C-T showers. The 38 matching COMFORT Flex shower heads also ensure relaxed showering after a sports session with their pleasant soft-stream jet and hygienic anti-limescale burls. The exceptionally robust and minimalist design also protects the showerheads from vandalism while considerably extending the durability of the sanitary facilities in the Erbach multi-sports centre.

The Jahnsporthalle in Erbach was no longer fulfilling the needs of local citizens and exhibited significant structural defects due to its age: too small, too old, too outdated. A new and larger multi-sports centre has now replaced the old dual-use sports hall, easily meeting the demands of modern users with its advanced building systems. The hybrid approach to construction can even be seen on the centre exterior: the facade, consisting of pre-aged, vertical wooden cladding in silver fir, with generously sized windows and wood panelling, gives the sports centre a minimalist and contemporary look. A planted flat roof also creates an optimal microclimate.

This high standard of quality is also found inside: integrated room automation for all systems, high-efficiency ventilation, intelligent indoor climate control and modern sanitary facilities are the highlights of the centre’s ambitious technical fit-out. Thanks to its flexible use of the interior space, the multifunctional centre is not limited to school and club sport but can even host larger events attended by up to 400 people.