KSV Bornem, Breeven stadium

New sanitary facilities

Sports teams use the earnings from the canteens they operate to finance the day-to-day running of their club – just like the Belgian football team KSV Bornem. And hygienic sanitary facilities are a basic requirement for ensuring that plenty of visitors look forward to sitting down for a meal.

Project data

Developer: Bornem Council

Stadium capacity: 3,450

Architects and interior designers: BVBA Studio Klein Brabant, Bornem

Installation work completed by: Airconsult BVBA, Bornem

SCHELL products: MODUS E wash basin tap, SCHELLTRONIC urinal flush valve, MONTUS WC module, MONTUS PLACE WC operating panel

After many years of heavy use, modernisation work on the two toilet facilities at KSV Bornem’s home ground had become unavoidable. Bornem Council commissioned consulting architects Studio Klein Brabant to complete the project. And the team succeeded in balancing out no less than five key sustainability factors for the football club: optimum hygiene, cost effectiveness by cutting water use, functional reliability and vandal-proofing, and a timeless yet modern ambience to create facilities where visitors feel at home and therefore treat them with respect.

The planners were looking for rugged sanitary fittings and specifically chose Schell fittings because these easily handle the tough requirements needing to be met for stadium use. Thanks to the infrared sensors on the wash basins and urinals, they also save a lot of water – up to 60 percent. First and foremost, however, the electronic fittings also support an effective approach to hygiene that protects athletes and visitors alike from the spread of germs caused by manual contact. In addition, automatic stagnation flushes also prevent pathogenic bacteria from proliferating in drinking water.

The contactless MODUS E wash basin tap makes washing the hands both hygienic and convenient. And the tap only supplies enough water as needed, since the infrared sensor stops the flow of water automatically once the hands are out of sensor range. This is a key feature for avoiding unnecessary water consumption, which can happen with manual taps if users shut off the tap late, incorrectly – or even forget to do so. Even more importantly, the tap offers regular stagnation flushes to ensure perfect, high-quality drinking water.

With the urinal flushing system, a key priority was ensuring that flushes take place after each use. As is often said, you can judge an establishment by the cleanliness of its toilets. Thanks to the reliable flushing after each use, dirt rings, limescale deposits and unpleasant odours occur much less often. The sensor-controlled SCHELLTRONIC urinal flush valve protects hygiene thanks to its sensor-triggered flush action. Contactless usage also comes as standard. When the usage frequency spikes – like in the half-time break, for example – the fitting automatically switches over to its ‘stadium’ program. This saves a lot of water. With Schell, all of the settable parameters, such as intervals, sensor range, flush times and automatic hygiene flushes during periods of non-use, can be adjusted very quickly, simply and precisely to match local conditions.

The MONTUS WC modules with cistern and matching MONTUS PLACE stainless steel WC operating panel are designed for high-intensity use as well as a long and cost-effective operating life. Thanks to a delayed filling system, each flush saves at least 0.5 l water and minimises water consumption as much as possible. With hundreds of spectators at each match, this quickly adds up to several hundred euros that KSV Bornem can keep in the bank. The smooth and elegant WC operating panels provide excellent protection against vandalism while offering users two buttons for a full or half flush.