SCHELLTRONIC – infrared urinal flush valves

Exposed solution for renovations in existing properties

Satisfying high hygiene standards is easier than ever before with the SCHELLTRONIC exposed solution. Without extensive conversion work, an old manual fitting can be simply replaced with the urinal flush valve, which features infrared-controlled contactless triggering. Setting the required flush volume is as easy as 1-2-3. As battery-operated devices, no complicated electrical work is needed when modernising with SCHELLTRONIC. If a battery needs replacing, the LED flashes, clearly visible in the sensor window. A battery change takes no more than two minutes. SCHELLTRONIC also features a practical isolating valve to ensure that other urinals remain usable during service work.

Product highlights

Robust and hygienic

As appropriate for its intended use in public and commercial sanitary facilities, the SCHELLTRONIC urinal flush valve features a robust brass housing. A stagnation flush option is also included, which performs an automatic flush 24 hours after the fitting was last triggered. In this way, SCHELLTRONIC helps to maintain drinking water hygiene, which requires a regular exchange of water across all tapping points.

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Simple and app-based

Instead of manual adjustment, settings for electronic fittings can be easily modified using a smartphone or tablet – with SCHELL Single Control SSC. Settings such as stagnation flushes (which can optionally include event logging) can be set up with the SSC Bluetooth® module and the app, for example.

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Energy supply

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Infrared exposed urinal flush valves SCHELLTRONIC, DN 15


Battery operation. Configurable via SCHELL Single Control SSC.

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Infrared exposed urinal flush valve SCHELLTRONIC, DN 15

Benelux / France model

Battery operation. Configurable via SCHELL Single Control SSC.