Außenansicht der Vema GmbH & Co. KG., Tochterunternehmen der Kläger Group, im bayrischen Neusäß

Head office, Vema GmbH & Co. KG

A state-of-the-art sanitary equipment update with products from SCHELL

Vema GmbH & Co. KG has shared a joint head office with parent company Kläger Group in Neusäß, Bavaria since the 1970s. As part of a comprehensive renovation project, the outdated sanitary facilities received a state-of-the-art update with SCHELL products.

Project data

Property type: Commercial building

Requirements: Renovations to existing property

Completion: 2022

Location: Neusäß

Country: Germany

SCHELL products: SWS server, SWS electrical junction box, SWS BE-K wired bus extender, SWS bus mains adapter, CELIS E HD-M electronic wash basin tap, LINUS Inox DP-C-T shower panel, LINUS Inox DP-C-T-D-H shower panel, LINUS Inox shower panel soap tray


The changing rooms and sanitary facilities for Vema GmbH & Co. KG at Kläger Group company head office dated from the 1980s. The design, technology and functionality offered by these facilities was therefore no longer fit for purpose. As part of large-scale renovations to the property, one objective was to comprehensively modernise the outdated sanitary equipment. Alongside user hygiene, the building owners were also keen to maintain drinking water quality. Their aim was to find intelligent solutions that could effectively prevent the spread of Legionella while providing the employees of this family-run business with a hygienic user experience.


The new sanitary facilities at the company’s head office in Neusäß are based around the SCHELL SWS Water Management System: networked with electronic SCHELL fittings in the male and female sanitary facilities, SWS ensures optimum support for maintaining drinking water quality. Individually programmable, automated stagnation flushes effectively prevent the spread of harmful bacteria such as Legionella, even during periods of non-use for the building – such as during company holidays and on public holidays. Thanks to the digital documentation of all relevant data, the operators also have no problems proving their compliance with German drinking water legislation. User hygiene is ensured by the use of electronic SCHELL fittings: contactless wash basin taps and low-contact showers minimise the risk of disease transmission.

Contactless fittings from SCHELL reduce the risk of contact infections

Two CELIS E HD-M electronic wash basin taps were installed on the wash basins provided in each of the male and female sanitary facilities. Networked with SCHELL SWS, these taps meet the highest standards for drinking water hygiene. The intelligent infrared sensor also ensures contactless, hygienic usage, so as to protect company staff from the potential transmission of diseases as a result of contact infection. This infrared sensor technology also makes the CELIS E especially resource-friendly and economical, since the flow of water is only triggered when water is actually required and stops automatically when the user moves their hands out of sensor range. The electronic tap also offers an impressive design in all respects: with its minimalist, elegant appearance and glossy chrome finish, the CELIS E is an eye-catcher on the sanitary facility wash basins.

SCHELL COMFORT Flex shower head – always the right setting

Three LINUS Inox DP-C-T shower panels with matching COMFORT Flex shower head plus a LINUS Inox DP-C-T-D-H shower panel and additional hand shower were installed in each of the male and female shower facilities, and also networked together with SCHELL SWS. Featuring premium stainless steel and a brushed finish, the shower panels are triggered by CVD-Touch electronics, ensuring that operation is both hygienic and economical with water. The vandal-resistant COMFORT Flex shower head with a pleasant soft jet offers a relaxing shower experience. Thanks to its adjustable tilt angle, the shower head works with any size of shower cubicle. The innovative ThermoProtect technology used in the thermostat also offers reliable anti-scalding protection even if the cold water line should fail. With the LINUS Inox DP-C-T-D-H model plus matching hand shower, the flow of water can be easily switched between the shower head and hand shower using a changeover control. A total of eight LINUS Inox shower panel soap trays were also fitted to the shower fittings: these trays offer a handy place to store shampoo and other personal hygiene items during showering, thereby further increasing user comfort.

Double the expertise under one roof

Kläger Plastik GmbH and its subsidiary Vema GmbH & Co. KG share a joint head office located in Neusäß, Bavaria (near Augsburg). As specialists in the field of aerosol and foam filling for cosmetics and medical devices, Vema has established itself in the market as an integrated partner for brand manufacturers and retail chains, and forms a key part of Kläger Group, a third-generation, family-run business. Founded in 1949 and situated in the northern part of the Neusäß industrial park on the outskirts of Augsburg, the Group enjoys a highly advantageous infrastructure at the site. Kläger Group currently employs a workforce of around 300 employees, based at its head office in Neusäß and a secondary site operated by subsidiary Kläger SPC in Hartha.