Außenaufnahme der Städtischen Kindertagesstätte Gottlieb-Daimler in Sindelfingen

Gottlieb-Daimler public day nursery, Sindelfingen

Focus on hygiene and safety: day nursery uses SCHELL products for sanitary facility fit-out

For the fit-out of sanitary facilities in day nurseries, particular requirements apply concerning hygiene and safety, which must be met to offer best-possible protection for children’s health. At the Gottlieb-Daimler nursery school, SCHELL sanitary equipment offers facility managers optimum support for maintaining drinking water quality while its intelligent functions ensure hygiene and safe usage. 

Project data

Property type: Day nursery

Requirements: Renovations

Completion: September 2022

Location: Sindelfingen

Country: Germany

Technical planning: Achim Krahl – Ingenieurbüro für Versorgungstechnik

SCHELL products: 

SWS Server, SWS BE-K wired bus extender, SMART.SWS setup package

CELIS E electronic wash basin tap

GRANDIS E electronic kitchen tap

Angle valve thermostat set

Sampling angle valve


As renovations to the day nursery, built in the 1960s, were being planned, the facility managers were especially keen to ensure the maintenance of drinking water quality. The aim was to identify an intelligent solution from a sanitary equipment manufacturer that could offer support for hygienic water management while also enabling record-keeping for all relevant data, so as to provide proof of compliance with German drinking water legislation. User hygiene was another aspect that played a significant role in the new sanitary facility fit-out: children and nursery school staff alike should be offered the best-possible protection against contact infections. The new sanitaryware products also needed to offer reliable anti-scalding protection, as excessively hot water would be especially dangerous for young children. 


CELIS E electronic wash basin taps in the washing facilities and the GRANDIS E electronic kitchen tap in the staff kitchen offer both comfortable and hygienic use, thanks to their electronic infrared sensors. Since the flow of water can be triggered without contact, this effectively minimises the risk of contact infections during handwashing and so protects user health. The sensor taps also help to save water, as water only flows when it is actually required. SCHELL angle valve thermostat sets with the ThermoProtect thermostat provide reliable anti-scalding protection at the wash basins. All taps are networked using SWS. Individual tap parameters, such as maximum flow time, sensor range or follow-up time can be programmed centrally using SWS. The SCHELL SWS Water Management System offers facility managers at the Gottlieb-Daimler nursery school highly effective support for hygienic, smart and economical water management. Automated stagnation flushes prevent the risk of the excessive propagation of bacteria such as Legionella to levels that are harmful to health while also supporting the maintenance of drinking water quality. Since the completion of stagnation flushes and other relevant data are all continuously documented, facility managers can also show proof of compliance with legal requirements at any time. Thanks to SMART.SWS, data and parameters from the networked taps can also be viewed and adjusted via remote administration. To ensure systematic drinking water sampling, SCHELL sampling angle valves were also installed: 

Optimum support for maintaining drinking water quality

The SCHELL SWS Water Management System can be used to execute automated stagnation flushes that ensure the exchange of water in the installation piping. This allows stagnating water to be flushed out and effectively prevent critical concentrations of bacteria such as Legionella – even during periods of non-use for the networked fittings, such as during the summer holidays or on public holidays. These automated flushes only use as much water as is needed and as little as possible: as a result, SWS also cuts water consumption significantly when compared with carrying out the necessary flushes by hand. Accordingly, SWS helps to keep operations economical, resource-friendly and very efficient. Another practical feature is the SMART.SWS add-on, which gives operators remote access to their data and parameters, letting them make adjustments while working from home, for example.

Greater comfort and hygiene at wash basins and sink units

CELIS E electronic wash basin taps with infrared sensors were installed in the washing facilities at the day nursery. The contactless operation offered by these taps has proven to be very practical when children use the tap with dirty hands after playing, painting or doing arts and crafts in the nursery. This ensures the elegant CELIS E tap body stays clean at all times. The preferred water temperature can be adjusted using the temperature control on the side. 

SCHELL’s electronic GRANDIS E tap was also installed in the staff kitchen at the Gottlieb-Daimler nursery. Networked with SWS, optimum support for maintaining drinking water quality is also ensured at this tapping point. This smart hybrid tap maximises comfort and usability for nursery staff: the GRANDIS E tap can be operated with either a single-lever mixer or a contactless infrared sensor, as required. 

Safe use guaranteed with ThermoProtect thermostat

For users with slower reaction speeds, hot water can easily lead to scald injuries. Young children are particularly at risk here, since they cannot accurately estimate the level of danger involved and their skin is also more sensitive than that of an adult. To ensure effective prevention of scald injuries, the day nursery facility managers decided to install the SCHELL angle valve thermostat sets. The innovative ThermoProtect thermostat offers reliable anti-scalding protection even if the cold water line fails and ensures that the children can use the fitting safely. 

SCHELL products

The Gottlieb-Daimler day nursery is a public facility that cares for two groups of children aged between two and six. The nursery school is located close to some local woods and this is also reflected in the school’s pedagogical model, which promotes an experience-oriented educational concept focused on the child’s close relationship with the natural world and responsible handling of the environment. The model also encompasses aspects of the North Italian Reggio model, which emphasis the free and self-determined development of the children at the school. The day nursery offers many options for the children here: from playrooms with construction sets, workbenches and painting tables to the large sports hall – the children can spend as much time playing and trying things out as they want. A large external play area with a children’s high-rope course, a pool and a sandbox with a watercourse, pirate ship and slide offers a real adventure paradise for the littles ones when the weather is fine. Regular weeks focusing on nature and experimentation promote a spirit of discovery and invention in the children and offer an exciting contrast to normal day-to-day life. And there’s a helping hand for budding musicians, too: the Gottlieb-Daimler public day nursery is a certified educational establishment for music.