Das Headoffice der DesignTree Service Consultants Pvt. Ltd in Bangalore.

Design Tree Head Office, India

Leading consulting engineers in India picks SCHELL sanitary solutions for its new head office

Based in the high-tech industrial city of Bangalore, the Design Tree company is one of India’s leading consulting engineers for sanitary and building services. When equipping the new company head office, the project managers chose sanitary equipment from SCHELL, whose intelligent, resource-friendly technology and superior design blends seamlessly with the modern and sustainable overall building concept.

Project data

Property type: Office building

Requirements: New-build project

Completion: 2021

Location: Bangalore

Country: India

Developers and architects: Design Tree Service Consultants Pvt Ltd

Size: 5 storeys, approx. 1,200 m² of office space, 250 seats

SCHELL products: MODUS Trend E electronic wash basin tap (product available only outside Austria and Germany – alternative product is MODUS E)

EDITION E urinal control, COMPACT II concealed urinal flush valve, designer hand shower bidet

COMFORT angle valve with regulating function, COMFORT angle valve with regulating function with filter, EDITION designer odour trap


Multiple requirements needed to be satisfied for the fit-out of the sanitary facilities at the new Design Tree headquarters. The products selected needed to meet the building’s high sustainability standards while conserving resources during building operations. In addition, the building owners were also looking for support for user hygiene in this busy high-tech office building: an effective solution was needed to reduce the risk of disease transmission by contact infection. Last but by no means least, the aesthetic appeal of the products was also seen as a decisive factor.


Impressed by the superior product quality and first-class customer support, the project developers decided to use modern sanitary equipment solutions from SCHELL. Electronic MODUS Trend E wash basin taps and EDITION E urinal controls ensure convenient and hygienic usage for employees and visitors at the Design Tree headquarters: thanks to the infrared sensors, the flow of water is triggered without contact and the flow of water stops automatically once hands are no longer present in the sensor field, thereby reducing the risk of contact infections. These intelligent infrared sensor systems also help to save water: water flows out of the wash basin taps only when the user is holding their hands within the sensor detection range. For the urinal controls, a preconfigured volume of water is released for flushing once the user has moved out of detection range. Here too, no contact with the fitting is required. If necessary, both the wash basin taps and the urinal controls offer an option to carry out stagnation flushes to help maintain drinking water quality. Flush intervals and other parameters can be set directly on the fitting or tap using short-range reflex. With their elegant, linear contours, all of these fittings blend harmoniously with the modern interior design choices at the head office.

Electronic SCHELL wash basin taps help support user hygiene while keeping operations resource-friendly

A total of 23 electronic MODUS Trend E wash basin taps were installed on the wash basins in the sanitary facilities at the new Design Tree head office. These taps have been specially designed to meet the needs of (semi-)public premises: contactless operation via an infrared sensor minimises the risk of contact infections during handwashing and therefore promotes good user hygiene. Since water only flows when hands are within range of the sensor and the flow of water stops automatically, MODUS Trend E is also effective at saving water. The follow-up time and other tap parameters can be programmed directly on the tap by short-range reflex. This means that the owners can configure stagnation flushes to maintain drinking water quality, for example: these flushes minimise the hazard presented by harmful Legionella bacteria spreading in stagnant water. With their elegant design, featuring a high-gloss chrome finish, the MODUS Trend E taps are also an eye-catcher on the wash basins. The robust metal design is vandal-proof and features a security device to protect against the deliberate blocking of the infrared sensor.

Water-saving urinal controls as part of the sustainability strategy

In the male WCs, 16 EDITION E urinal controls were also installed, along with matching COMPACT II concealed urinal flush valves. Just as with MODUS Trend E, the EDITION E urinal control also features contactless operation via its infrared sensor. When the user has moved out of detection range, this is picked up by the sensor, which independently activates the pre-set flush volume. With a reduced flush volume appropriately programmed, EDITION E can help ensure resource-friendly operations. To avoid the build-up of harmful bacteria such as Legionella, the urinal control features an option for carrying out independent stagnation flushes. This also helps to prevent bad odours as a result of the odour trap drying out. These flushes can be programmed using short-range reflex. Other parameters, such as flush time, sensor range and pre-flush can also be set in the same way. Featuring a vandal-resistant design with a front panel from brushed stainless steel, the control meets the stringent requirements for visual appearance and material quality while ensuring a long service life.

A total of 20 designer hand shower bidets were also installed in the WCs, whose soft water jets and practical wall brackets ensure maximum convenience and comfort for users. The hand showers feature a locking lever that offers two different types of actuation: the flow of water either stops each time the lever is released or the lever is locked in place for a steady stream of water.

SCHELL filter angle valves as a fittings failsafe

The building service experts at Design Tree also opted for premium SCHELL quality when choosing their angle valves and appliance connection fittings: a total of 22 angle valves with COMFORT regulating function, 28 angle valves with COMFORT regulating function with filter and 29 EDITION designer odour traps were fitted. The filters in the angle valves protect these valuable electronic fittings from damage resulting from particulates in the drinking water – these are filtered out before they can enter the fittings. The EDITION designer odour trap is especially easy to fit, thanks to the waste pipe plug connection.

With its numerous public parks, Bangalore in the south of India is also known as the ‘Garden City’, while simultaneously being one of the leading IT hubs in the country. The head office of Design Tree – one of India’s leading consulting engineering businesses – is located in this dynamic metropolis of contrasts and opposites. True to their slogan of ‘We design, we care’, the Design Tree team develops innovative, creative and sustainable building projects. The new company headquarters features an imposing approach to its architectural design as well as ultramodern building services. The two basement levels of this cubic structure form the base, while the three upper storeys are staggered outwards, resting on ‘stilts’, to create a dynamic impression – almost as if they are floating. With a site area of 1,200 m² and a total of five storeys, the Design Tree head office offers room for 250 employees to work in comfort. The environmentally friendly building concept includes a high-end water treatment system, a reverse osmosis plant for the drinking water supply and energy-saving, sensor-controlled LED illumination.