Clubhouse, Eulenbuche (Drolshagen-Hützemert)

The clubhouse in Eulenbuche near Drolshagen-Hützemert was one of the first clubhouses in Olpe county, being completed in the early 1970s. Fifty years after it first opened its doors, it was high time to convert this clubhouse into an advanced and modern sports venue. A key part of these renovations involved the heating and sanitary facilities. A wide range of SCHELL products was used in the sanitary facilities to ensure cost-effective operations, improve user hygiene and help to maintain drinking water quality in accordance with VDI 6023.

Project data

Property type: Clubhouse


Completion date: 1970s

Location: Drolshagen-Hützemert, Olpe county

Country: Germany

Size: Clubhouse 240 m², sports facilities overall approx. 20,000 m²

Technical planning: Planning completed by a team of volunteers in cooperation with Huis GmbH – Meisterbetrieb Siegen-Kaan-Marienborn and SCHELL Field Sales

SCHELL products: SWS server, SWS bus mains adapter, SMART.SWS, XERIS E HD-M wash basin taps, XERIS E HD-K wash basin taps, GRANDIS E electronic kitchen taps, LINUS DP-C-T exposed shower panels, VITUS VD-C-T exposed shower fitting, MONTUS PLACE WC operating panels, MONTUS C 120 WC modules, EDITION E urinal controls, MONTUS COMPACT II urinal modules


Sports facilities like the clubhouse in Hützemert often have long periods of downtime – during summer, for example, or over the Christmas holidays. As a result, the risk of an unsafe Legionella concentration in the drinking water system is much higher during these periods, because the water has plenty of time to stagnate in the piping. When it came to their sanitary installation, facility managers were therefore not only looking for innovative and cost-effective product solutions to save water and improve hygiene for their amateur athletes and volunteers, all of whom are regular users of the WCs, showers and wash basins here. Equally important was identifying an overall solution that would also help the clubhouse to maintain its drinking water installation at normal levels of operation.


To ensure that all of the requirements for cost-effectiveness and hygiene could be met as required over the long term, project developers decided to equip the clubhouse – which covers a total of 240 m² and features two clubrooms for tennis and football, as well as the corresponding WCs, changing rooms and shower cubicles – with modern product and system solutions from SCHELL.

Today, the shower cubicles feature twelve LINUS DP-C-T exposed shower panels, made from strong extruded aluminium sections and with a high-quality, anodised finish, as well as CVD touch electronics with automatic closing, to keep post-sport showers as economical as possible.

In the washrooms, a number of XERIS E electronic wash basin taps have now been installed, which feature contactless operation using the integrated infrared sensor systems. This not only saves water but also offers a decisive hygienic advantage for fittings such as these that will be handled by a great many people every day.

This cost-effective and hygienic approach has also been applied to the WC facilities, where MONTUS COMPACT II urinal modules are combined with contactless EDITION E urinal controls. Unlike the wash basin taps, these urinal controls do not need to be operated actively but start the flow of water automatically when the user leaves the sensor area. Developers also chose the MONTUS C 120 WC module plus MONTUS PLACE WC operating panels for their clubhouse project.

In the clubhouse kitchen and the football/tennis bar areas, the GRANDIS E kitchen tap – a recipient of the German Innovation Award – was chosen, whose elegant, timeless design also features the same type of contactless triggering found in the taps and urinal controls in the bathrooms, and so also improves hygiene for chefs in the kitchen and for bar serving staff.

All of the shower and wash basin fittings, as well as the urinal modules, are networked with the central SCHELL SWS Water Management System, including the three kitchen taps, which, as the final tapping points, are also flushed regularly.

With these regular, automated stagnation flushes, this advanced technological system helps the dedicated team of staff and volunteers at the Eulenbuche clubhouse to maintain the specified normal operation of their drinking water installation.

Previously, these kinds of stagnation flushes needed to be triggered by hand at regular intervals. In periods of downtime like Christmas or during the summer holidays, this meant a lot of time-consuming work for clubhouse volunteers. Now, however, stagnation flushes can be set up, triggered automatically and documented in full by the central SWS system. The integrated system software also permits the centralised configuration of a wide range of fitting parameters.

Especially practical is SCHELL’s cloud-based SMART.SWS service, which lets clubhouse management check current installation data even while at home or out and about from any internet-capable device, and make changes as necessary. This gives managers an up-to-date picture of the networked drinking water installation, right down to individual fittings. The results speak for themselves and, in the decades to come, will play their part in helping the club to save costs while enjoying this modern technology that keeps club members healthier and more comfortable.