BMW showroom, Aalst

Economical wash basin taps installed for greater sustainability

BMW/Mini dealer Danny Meerschman prioritised sustainable fixtures and fittings when designing his new car dealership premises in Aalst. This requirement was met in full by the SCHELL wash basin taps, which help to ensure the responsible-minded handling of drinking water as a valuable resource.

Project data:

Property type: Car dealership

Requirements: New-build project with sustainable fittings

New-build project: 2021

Place: Aalst

Country: Belgium

SCHELL products: MODUS E electronic wash basin tap (please note: this project made use of the old product version. Go here for details of our new product.)


Sustainability was the key issue for this construction project. Accordingly, the sanitary facilities also needed to be designed to be sustainable and economical with water. Meerschman also wanted to ensure that user and drinking water hygiene were properly addressed by facilities at the dealership. Wash basin taps from SCHELL were therefore the logical choice.


To ensure that requirements for sustainability were met in full,MODUS E wash basin taps were installed in the sanitary facilities. These infrared fittings feature robust quality, water-saving technology and are rounded off by an appealing design. As an important part of implementing the sustainability strategy, these taps feature contactless, infrared sensors, which means they can cut water consumption by up to 70 percent when compared with a standard single-lever mixer. Unsurprisingly, BMW itself views Meerschman’s new dealership as a pioneering example of excellence in sustainability within its dealer network.

Two further benefits from the SCHELL systems are support for user hygiene thanks to contactless operation and optional, automatic stagnation flushes to maintain drinking water quality.

BMW/Mini dealer Danny Meerschman recently decided to combine his two offices into a single, new dealership in Aalst, located centrally just off junction 19 on the E40. From new and used car sales to leasing, MOTs, repairs or financing, Meerschman can now offer customers a full range of services under one roof at this modern and pioneering BMW car dealership. Features of the new premises include a large showroom and workshop, equipped with high-performance access platforms that make it easy to inspect and service the heavier models of modern hybrid and electric vehicles. Meerschman is also keen to ensure that his dealership is operated as an effectively net zero business. Solar modules have been installed to provide power, for example.

Electronic MODUS E tap models offer automated stagnation flushes to help maintain the quality of drinking water. During building downtime – such as during company holidays or off-peak use – installations are exposed to the risk of an exponential spread of Legionella. Regular stagnation flushes are essential to prevent this from occurring. Electronic fittings, such as the Modus E, can perform stagnation flushes automatically once they have been properly configured. These fittings can be programmed so that a stagnation flush takes place 24 hours after the last use or as part of a general, 24-hour cycle.