Amar Tech Park, India

SCHELL products help maintain drinking water and user hygiene in IT centre

Always in motion and in pursuit of progress – that’s the way of life in the Indian commercial metropolis of Pune. An architectonic megaproject is now being created in one of the city’s most important industrial areas, which aims to offer a shopping mall and location for IT offices. Sanitary systems from SCHELL provide the finishing touch to this ambitious overall concept while helping to optimise drinking water and user hygiene.

Project data

Property type: Office building

Requirements: New-build project

Completion: 2022

Place: Pune

Country: India

Developer: Amar Builders

Interior design: MoCo Design Studio

Size: 130,000 m² gross floor space, 14 storeys

SCHELL products: MODUS Trend E HD-K wash basin tap, COMPACT II concealed WC flush valve, EDITION Eco WC operating panel, bidet hand shower, COMFORT angle valve with regulating function


A number of aspects were critical for the fit-out of the sanitary facilities here. The first step was to ensure that the specific requirements and heavy usage expected for the (semi-)public and commercial sanitary facilities could be optimally met with the help of intelligent solutions. Key criteria here included drinking water and user hygiene as well as high durability for the fittings. Project managers were also keen to ensure that the systems would conserve resources, and be sustainable and energy-efficient. Last but not least, the sanitary equipment had to offer a first-class, premium-quality design, so as to match the overall aesthetic concept for Amar Tech Park.


As had been the case with the two other major projects in Pune, building contractors Amar Builders decided to use sanitary equipment from SCHELL for the fit-out of the washrooms and WCs at Amar Tech Park. Featuring contactless triggering and robust construction, the MODUS Trend E HD-K wash basin taps significantly reduce the risk of contact infections, cut water consumption by up to 62 percent and are an appealing eye-catcher, thanks to their elegant design. Automatic stagnation flushes also help to maintain user and drinking water hygiene within the overall building. In the WCs, bidet hand showers, COMFORT angle valves, COMFORT II concealed WC flush valves and EDITION Eco WC operating panels also help to keep water consumption economical, while their intelligent technology supports the construction project’s sustainability strategy.

A total of 400 MODUS Trend E HD-K wash basin taps were installed, which have been developed specifically to handle the requirements of public sanitary facilities. The flow of water from these electronic taps can be triggered hands-free using the infrared sensor. This significantly reduces the risk of a contact infection while washing hands, which is an important issue in buildings with many users – just like in Amar Tech Park. Automatic stagnation flushes help to maintain drinking water hygiene in the system during periods of more infrequent use. Another decisive advantage is reduced water consumption: because water only flows when it is really needed and stops automatically after handwashing, the tap helps to cut resource use and save costs in relation to the drinking water supply. The tap’s rugged, all-metal design with a glossy, chromed finish is also vandal-resistant, while its elegant, rounded cubic design turns it into an appealing eye-catcher in the washrooms at Amar Tech Park.

A total of 485 COMFORT II concealed WC flush valves with 467 EDITION Eco WC operating panels were installed in the WCs. This low-noise concealed flush valve has a reduced flush rate of just 1–1.3 l, which helps to reduce water consumption. The elegant EDITION Eco operating panel also promotes the construction project’s sustainability strategy with its two buttons for economy and main flush, while also blending seamlessly with the building’s interior design.

A total of 483 bidet hand showers were also installed, offering optimum user comfort, thanks to their flexible connecting hose, practical wall bracket and pleasant water jet configuration. The hand shower has two modes of operation, thanks to its lockable lever: the lever can be released to stop the flow of water or can be fixed in its vertical position to ensure a continuous stream of water. When combined with a properly adjusted COMFORT angle valve, water consumption can be reduced by up to 40 percent without compromising on user comfort.

Life never stands still in Balewadi, a district in the metropolis of Pune in western India. And it is here, in the vibrant surroundings of one of the most dynamic and fastest-growing industrial areas, that Amar Tech Park is taking shape. The 14-story business centre features an impressively elegant, ultramodern architecture with an energy-efficient glass facade incorporating geometric elements and an equally well-designed building layout.

The Tech Park incorporates three functional areas – shopping, IT offices and parks – which can also be visually identified by the individual design of their surface structures. A generously proportioned reception area is located on the ground floor of the building, with plenty of parking and a shopping arcade on the outside. The first storey also provides a choice of exclusive retail space for boutique stores, restaurants and cafes. A basement parking level plus a three-storey mechanical parking system together offer space for over 2,800 bikes and more than 1,000 cars. Storeys 5 to 12 are utilised as IT office space. Elegantly designed green spaces provide an aesthetic finishing touch to the Amar Tech Park.