Fire station, Dornstadt

All-out for hygiene at the new fire station in Dornstadt

More space for the team at Dornstadt volunteer fire service: with the old premises having simply become too small, the team was very pleased to be able to move to the new fire station at St.-Florian-Weg 2 in summer 2021.

Project data

Construction of a new fire station in Dornstadt

Year of completion/opening: July 2021

Fire station, with vehicle and washing bays, workshops, changing rooms, fitness studio, utility rooms, youth and training rooms and offices, canteen

SCHELL products: Water Management System SWS, LINUS D-C-T concealed shower, MONTUS shower modules, COMFORT shower head, MONTUS wash basin mounting module, PURIS E HD-M electronic wash basin tap, MONTUS urinal modules

The new fire station, which represents an investment of around EUR 6 million, not only ensures industry-standard housing for operational equipment but also offers a maintenance workshop, offices and training rooms. A drill tower rounds off the state-of-the-art facilities provided to the 52 members of the voluntary fire service and the 22-strong junior firefighting team.

The Dornstadt Fire Service is responsible for operations within a large surrounding area that is centred on its own local authority. This is also why a roll-off container with breathing apparatus is stationed here. With 25 extra cylinders for respirators plus extra radios, this container expands the standard inventory of local fire trucks for major incidents in the north of the county.

Operations planning – including sanitary facilities

To ensure that everyone can concentrate on the day-to-day work at hand in a busy fire station, Schell’s SWS Water Management System combined with various other Schell solutions, keeps everything running smoothly within the station’s sanitary installation.

In Dornstadt’s new station, no less than 44 perfectly coordinated Schell products, featuring a timeless yet functional design, are now in use: LINUS D-C-T concealed showers with splash-proof CVD touch electronics and stainless steel front panel, MONTUS shower modules for straightforward installation, exposed COMFORT shower heads, MONTUS wash basin installation modules, multiple award-winning PURIS E HD-M electronic wash basin taps and MONTUS COMPACT II urinal modules.

Integration of a wireless Water Management System SWS also ensures that the maintenance of drinking water quality is supported consistently across all tapping points. As the only water management system on the market, the Schell SWS Water Management System can also set up a wireless network using battery-operated electronic sanitary fittings. Benefits: No power or data cabling is required under tiling, which means that easy installation is possible not only in new developments but also in existing properties. Using the central control functionality from the Water Management System, almost any electronic Schell fitting can be appropriately programmed, operated and monitored. In addition, all operating data, stagnation flushes and system/draw-off temperatures are logged – as proof of legal compliance for the system owner.

Intelligent management for drinking water installations

Schell’s Water Management System SWS consists of several coordinated components: fittings for two-way communication using the corresponding wireless or wired bus extenders as communication modules, the server as the communications hub and the optional temperature sensors. SWS Gateway variants are also available for all popular protocols to facilitate the optional integration of the Water Management System into a building automation system.


The well-coordinated overall solution featuring elegantly designed Schell products to ensure drinking water hygiene proved to be a winner with the developers of the new fire station in Dornstadt. The project demonstrates that technically advanced functionality doesn’t merely offer economical or practical benefits but is primarily the best choice for reasons of hygiene.