Water – a precious resource: the responsible handling of drinking water is easy thanks to solutions from SCHELL

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Water is the basis of life – the German Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety (BVL) does not mince its words when it comes to the elementary importance of our drinking water. As an essential natural resource, drinking water in Germany is perfectly safe to drink – right from the tap. Our drinking water is subject to stringent controls. In legal terms, its quality is governed by the German Drinking Water Regulation (TrinkwV), which recently received a comprehensive amendment in 2023. As potable water is a precious and rare commodity, our responsible and economical handling of this resource is all the more important.

Long-term water savings of up to 70 percent with contactless taps from SCHELL

Our responsible handling of drinking water starts with acting to limit its consumption. One effective approach here is to choose economical wash basin taps, both for new developments and for renovation or modernisation work to existing properties. By using SCHELL’s contactless fittings, for example, water savings of up to 70 percent can be achieved when compared with standard single-lever mixers. Fittings that are triggered by a contactless, IR sensor stop the flow of water once hands are taken out of the sensor field. This means that water only flows when it is actually needed for hand washing. Our blog also gives you more information about the water-saving contactless fittings from SCHELL. 

Support your LEED/BREEAM certification with SCHELL flow regulators

Wash basin taps that are also fitted with flow regulators don’t just save water but can also form an instrumental part of achieving ecological certification to the LEED/BREEAM standard. Fitting appropriate flow regulators from SCHELL with reduced flow rates considerably reduces the consumption of cold and hot water. These are the ideal choice for developers pursuing sustainable LEED or BREEAM building certification. Nor is user comfort affected: cold water feels warmer when mixed with air, which further reduces the consumption of hot water. Further details about the uses of flow regulators can be found in our flow regulator brochure (PDF download).

Water savings of up to 40 percent with angle valves from SCHELL

Premium angle valves from SCHELL have been a byword for quality for almost 75 years. SCHELL angle valves are not only an ideal choice for saving water, but are also durable, high-quality and made from potable water-grade materials. So, it’s unsurprising that SCHELL is the global leader in this segment: every two seconds, two original angle valves are installed somewhere in the world – over 750 million times so far and a fact that speaks for itself. With an optimally adjusted SCHELL angle valve, water consumptioncan be reduced by up to 40 percent – without compromising on user comfort. Thanks to the regulating function they offer, flow volumes of cold and hot water can be adjusted, and varying pipe pressures can be compensated for. Reducing the flow volume of hot water also saves energy, since less water needs to be heated up. This makes regulating water consumption with angle valves under the wash basin particularly effective – and not just for single-lever mixers.  

Saving water hand-in-hand with drinking water hygiene: SWS and SMART.SWS

Many electronic fittings from the SCHELL portfolio can be networked using the SCHELL SWS Water Management System. The automated processes work to save time and money while also having a positive effect on energy and water consumption. SWS offers a time-saving and convenient approach to programming fitting parameters and other settings, such as automated stagnation flushes, for example, in sanitary facilities on semi-public, public and commercial premises. SWS also offers the option of assigning networked fittings to groups. The simultaneous flushing of all fittings in such a group means that high flow velocities can be achieved in the installation piping: this creates the kinds of turbulent flows that are necessary for maintaining water quality. This simulation of specified normal operation is the ideal approach to maintaining drinking water quality. An automatic, tamper-proof record of stagnation flushes can also be kept. 

Stagnation flushes simulate use – although not real-world, day-to-day use. Instead, they ensure specified normal operation, i.e. the minimum exchange of water required. One advantage is that less water is consumed than for stagnation flushes that are carried out manually. After all: a lot of water will have gone down the drain before the caretaker has opened all the fittings and they are all then flushing at the same time. In this way, automated stagnation flushes help to save precious water compared with manual flushes. Go here to find out more about the benefits of our SWS Water Management System.

Advantages of SMART.SWS – boosting efficiency with remote management

The browser-based online SMART.SWS service extends SWS to provide encrypted remote management from any compatible device. From a single server to multiple installations, messages, calculated water consumption and much more can all be accessed via SMART.SWS. Available options are set by the user role. This ensures that each user is given a user interface that is tailored to their user role and presents them with relevant data. Building operators can use SMART.SWS to monitor their properties, for example, and get facility management involved if necessary. Facility managers can keep tabs on their own sphere of responsibility around the clock and proactively plan on-site work such as battery replacements for the fittings, for example. Mobile access to SWS as provided by SMART.SWS can save valuable time, reducing both travel expenses and personnel costs. 


As our most important natural resource, it is essential that we treat water responsibly. And this starts with regulating water consumption. SCHELL offers a broad-based portfolio of effective solutions for saving water that ensure saving water and drinking water hygiene go hand in hand. Contactless sensor fittings from SCHELL help to cut water consumption by up to 70 percent – both in new developments and renovations. Economical flow regulators offer a high level of user comfort while helping developers achieve LEED/BREEAM building certification. Under the wash basin, well-adjusted angle valves from SCHELL can also achieve water savings of up to 40 percent. These also work to save energy by reducing the volume of hot water needed. Many electronic fittings from the SCHELL portfolio can be networked using the SCHELL SWS Water Management System. The automated processes work to save time and money while also having a positive effect on energy and water consumption. The system add-on SMART.SWS also offers remote management by authorised users from any compatible device. Anyone using water-saving SCHELL products not only benefits from their sustainability but also helps to protect our drinking water. Have questions about saving water with SCHELL products? Our SCHELL Team is ready to advise and assist you .

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