Hotels and campsites: optimising water management with SCHELL solutions

3-minute read

School’s still out for summer in some German states and many people are still on holiday. From hotels to campsites, most venues are fully booked and enjoying the peak season. Water consumption is also peaking at these premises, which still need to ensure they maintain good levels of drinking water and user hygiene. An ideal opportunity, therefore, to switch to using electronic SCHELL fittings, since these not only save water but help to safeguard drinking water and user hygiene. An even better solution is to combine electronic SCHELL fittings with the SCHELL SWS Water Management System.

This summer, saving water has never been more important

Compared with conventional single-lever mixers, electronic wash basin taps from SCHELL can reduce water consumption by up to 62 percent. They not only offer contactless operation with infrared sensors but can also respond to prolonged ‘soaping-up phases’ by interrupting the flow of water and also stopping automatically when the user leaves. Accordingly, water flows only when it is really needed. Water consumption can also be reduced with the electronic kitchen, shower, WC and urinal fittings from SCHELL. These huge water savings are especially noticeable during peak periods like the summer school holidays. Electronic SCHELL fittings are also significantly more hygienic, since they offer low-contact or contactless operation, and therefore reduce the risk of contact infections. This hygiene aspect is especially important in the typically busy washrooms found on campsites, while also reducing the risk of bacterial or viral transmission for sanitary facilities in hotels. As a result, electronic fittings cut operating costs while simultaneously supporting and improving user hygiene.

Activating stagnation flushes

Electronic fittings from SCHELL also offer another decisive benefit: stagnation flushes are easy to set up. This is especially important for maintaining drinking water hygiene and a key factor for seasonal businesses in particular. Although they are now fully booked, they will obviously have far fewer patrons once the holidays are over. Many campsites simply shut up shop over the winter period. But this means that water can be left to stagnate for far too long in the underused piping, which can allow bacteria to reach dangerous concentrations. Help is at hand from SCHELL’s electronic fittings, however, which can execute stagnation flushes automatically every 24 hours, for example. This means the risk of Legionella contamination can be reduced even during less busy periods or company holidays.

Efficient, cost-effective operations with SCHELL SWS

For those looking to take water management to the next level, networking electronic SCHELL fittings with SCHELL’s SWS Water Management System is the way to go. This offers a single, central instance for programming, controlling and monitoring fittings. The system also offers the option of assigning fittings to groups, which means stagnation flushes can be run across various fittings at the same, programmed point in time. This simulates the normal operation of the installation and prevents prolonged (and unlawful) periods of downtime. Stagnation flushes can also be easily documented, while the online SMART.SWS add-on service lets facility managers adjust system settings from anywhere in the world. All in all, SCHELL SWS makes efficient, cost-effective water management possible in the hospitality sector while ensuring that guests are free to enjoy their hard-earned holidays.