GRANDIS E kitchen tap in the spotlight on SHK.RADIO

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Contactless hygiene in the kitchen? Easy to achieve with SCHELL’s GRANDIS E kitchen tap. Dr Oliver Fontaine, SCHELL’s Head of Project Management, introduces this multiple award-winning tap in the latest episode of ‘Erfrischend klar – SCHELL informiert (rund ums Wasser)’ (‘Refreshingly clear – the word on water from SCHELL…’) on SHK.RADIO. And the GRANDIS E is of course showcased very prominently on the SCHELL stand at the IFH in Nuremberg.

Fontaine talks to radio host Thomas Gerres about just how much he has missed attending fairs in person: “Not a single trade fair for more than two years – this was a long time to be without regular contact with our customers. And yet this is essential for developing and improving our products. So we are very pleased indeed to be able to set the ball rolling again at the IFH.

GRANDIS E: a solution combining hygiene and comfort

One of the fittings being showcased at the IFH is the GRANDIS E. This kitchen tap was primarily developed for use in public, semi-public and commercial buildings. The fitting is not only ideal for office tea points, however, but can also be used in holiday homes or bars, for example. As Fontaine explains, the kitchen tap offers one very clear benefit: “GRANDIS E combines the best of both worlds and then lets people decide how they want to use it.”

The water flow and temperature can be set manually using the traditional single-lever mixer. However, GRANDIS E also features an electronic infrared sensor: when triggered in this way, the tap offers fully contactless operation. In this mode, the ratio of hot water to cold water will be preconfigured – set up by the technician according to the building owner’s requirements during installation. “Fully contactless operation is especially hygienic. According to WHO, 80 percent of infectious diseases are transmitted via the hands – but contactless operation mitigates this risk entirely,” Fontaine explains.

Contactless triggering and sensor range

In practice, contactless triggering works as follows: “As you bring your hands 3 cm or closer to the sensor, this triggers the flow of water. The flow of water stops after a preconfigured period. If you want to stop the flow of water earlier, all you need do is move your hands 3 cm or closer to the sensor again. This saves both water and energy.” While 3 cm is a very short distance, this figure was deliberately chosen by SCHELL, as Fontaine explains: “This is short enough to let you place a pan in the sink, for example, without the tap then starting up.”

Stagnation flushes with the GRANDIS E

GRANDIS E is an electronic fitting with optional stagnation flush functionality and is also network-ready. Stagnation flushes can help to maintain drinking water hygiene if installations are not used for prolonged periods – such as over the weekend in office buildings. These flushes prevent the excessive build-up of harmful bacteria within the drinking water installation. With the GRANDIS E, stagnation flush parametrisation can be made using the SSC Bluetooth® module, for example. To achieve intelligent water management throughout a building, including the central programming of stagnation flushes, the use of SWS is recommended.

Networking with SWS

“GRANDIS E complements SWS perfectly”, Fontaine explains. “With this modular system, all of the important tapping points in public and commercial buildings can be flushed by SWS according to an automated schedule.” This offers optimum support for maintaining drinking water hygiene while also facilitating efficient and economical building operations. “When combined with our SMART.SWS online service, fittings like the GRANDIS E can then be configured, monitored and controlled remotely from anywhere in the world,” Fontaine adds. This is another key advantage for facility managers who use SWS.

Listen to the SHK.RADIO episode for more information about the GRANDIS E and combining it with SWS. If you miss the show, you can catch up with the recording in our Media Library.