Flush valves from SCHELL – a form-meets-function classic for over 70 years

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The story of one of SCHELL’s classic fittings begins in 1952. The fitting can be found for the first time in the first SCHELL fittings catalogue published that year, a plain but sturdy volume in black cardboard covers. Alongside the matching WC flush valve, SCHELL’s new urinal flush valve no. 412 attracts plenty of attention. Featuring a well thought-out design and accompanied by two short phrases – first conceived of by SCHELL developers in the 1950s, these statements are still valid, even today: ‘A lifetime of reliability’ says the first, and ‘Indispensable for more than sanitary installations’ says the other. SCHELLOMAT goes from strength to strength.

The story of SCHELL flush valves – well-designed from the outset

Six years later, this innovative fitting is given the name by which it is known today and this is what we find in the 1957 SCHELL fittings catalogue: “The Schellomat is the harmonious combination of a mature design with solid workmanship.” At this point in time, SCHELL is already the global leader in flush valve technology. Improvements are made and the series is expanded with a number of advanced models. As building control systems start to become digitalised, a new variant of the SCHELLOMAT is launched on the market – the SCHELLTRONIC electronic urinal flush valve.

Today, people all over the world prefer SCHELL flush valves for their sanitary installations at home or in (semi-)public facilities. Unsurprisingly, since flush valves from SCHELL have offered a full set of key features for architects, planners, the skilled trades and end users for over 70 years: a modern design, water-saving functions, excellent reliability, robust materials, support for user hygiene and help for maintaining drinking water quality. SCHELL flush valves are available for both WCs and urinals.

WC flush valves – SCHELLOMAT, SCHELLOMAT Basic and SCHELLOMAT Silent Eco

One success factor here is the versatility of the valve as a professional fitting. SCHELLOMAT flush valves are the answer for WC facility modernisation projects, for example, where existing exposed installations need to be brought up to date. Thanks to their ruggedness, these industry-standard fittings are robust enough to keep operating reliably during tough day-to-day use – as found in large sports venues, railway stations or schools. The SCHELLOMAT Basic exposed WC flush valve features a modern self-closing cartridge design plus economical dual-flush functionality. The cartridge’s nozzle cleaning needle is activated with each flush, so as to prevent the build-up of deposits in the piston’s nozzle bore. SCHELLOMAT Basic can also be supplied with a service shutoff valve and as a low-pressure version. Wherever there is a focus on saving water and keeping valve operations as quiet as possible, the SCHELLOMAT Silent Eco, featuring a three-litre eco button and noise class I, produces no more than 20 dB at 3 bar pressure – ideal for hotels, healthcare facilities or residential properties.

SCHELLOMAT urinal flush valve (mechanical self-closing)

SCHELLOMAT Basic exposed urinal flush valves feature an integrated self-closing cartridge with the latest SCHELL cartridge design. These inexpensive and functional solutions are ideal for use in schools, service stations, hospitality and businesses. If a new-build or refurbishment project is planned for their sanitary facilities, retrofitting to SCHELLOMAT Basic exposed flush valves is quick and simple. This robust flush valve is also available with an isolating valve to ensure other urinals can still be used during service work.

SCHELLTRONIC urinal flush valve (contactless triggering via infrared sensor)

With its infrared control for contactless triggering, the SCHELLTRONIC exposed urinal flush valve helps to improve user hygiene. This sensor-controlled flush valve can replace an outdated manual fitting without additional modifications being necessary. All parts are easily accessible and, if a battery needs replacing, the LED flashes prominently in the sensor window. A battery change takes no more than two minutes. SCHELLTRONIC also features an isolating valve to ensure that other urinals remain usable while the battery is being replaced.

The integrated stadium program is a unique feature offered by this electronic urinal flush valve from SCHELL: if a high level of usage is detected, the flush valves switch to stadium mode, triggering regular flushes with a reduced volume of water. This minimises water consumption while ensuring that usage remains hygienic. This helps keep day-to-day operations economical at stadiums and large sports venues, for example.

SCHELLTRONIC flush valves feature an integrated stagnation flush. This function flushes the fitting automatically 24 hours after its last use and is also configurable via SCHELL Single Control SSC.

Our brochure (PDF download) provides you with further details of SCHELL’s flush valve systems for sanitary facilities.


Whether in private homes, or on semi-public or public premises, SCHELL has led the way in the field of sanitary flush systems for more than 90 years. Today, the original SCHELLOMAT flush valve range has been expanded into a uniquely diverse portfolio for almost any application – from advanced WC flush valves to urinal flush valves with a self-closing mechanism or an electronic, contactless control. Complementing this wide range of products, SCHELL has also focused on professional fittings for WCs and urinals, which are simple to install, and offer reliable and water-saving operation. If you have any questions about sanitary flush valves from SCHELL, please get in touch! We look forward to hearing from you.

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