Non-contact, hygienic and reliable: The SCHELLTRONIC urinal exposed flush valve fitting

2-minute read

In (semi-)public places with a lot of visitors, the sanitary facilities have to meet the highest standards of hygiene. The SCHELLTRONIC urinal exposed flush valve fitting is an excellent choice in this situation, as the electronic system detects users automatically by means of an infrared control and then initiates the flushing process – contact-free and hygienically, automatically and efficiently.

This ensures hygienic conditions and a greater sense of well-being. As an additional measure to prevent the build-up of pathogens, SCHELLTRONIC has an integrated stagnation flush. This ensures automatic flushing for 30 seconds 24 hours after the last triggering in order to counteract the risk of Legionella outbreak. The required flush volume is set via short range reflex. All components are easily accessible and are connected to each other with plugs that are impossible to connect incorrectly. If a battery needs replacing, an LED flashes prominently in the sensor window. The battery itself only takes two minutes to change. To ensure that other urinals can still be used during service work, there is an isolating valve. Suitable for use in public, semi-public and commercial sanitary facilities, the housing is made of robust brass. The water-bearing parts are made of brass, too, to conform to German drinking water regulations. The surface of the fitting is in easy-care chrome.

Other product features (selection)

  • Odour trap flush
  • Energy saving mode: activates after 1 h
  • Test mark: PA-IX 8952/II, WELL Public
  • Noise class: II
  • Automatic stadium operation
  • Flush time: adjustable 1–15 s