Consumer study on Germany’s best brands: SCHELL achieves outstanding overall rating

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Today, anyone looking to modernise a bathroom or sanitary facility has an almost unlimited choice of products from a wide range of suppliers. But which brand has premium quality and an excellent price/performance point while also offering peace of mind for buyers? The best people to ask these questions are those who work with sanitary equipment each and every day – so the German Association for Consumer Studies (DtGV) asked professional tradespersons for their opinion. Over 290 interviews and more than 15,000 individual ratings went into the new ‘Best German Brands 2023/24’ study, offering insights into the favourite brands for the HVAC and sanitation industry. SCHELL was placed as a Top 10 favourite brand by study participants and awarded the “Outstanding overall rating” seal of quality from the DtGV. SCHELL achieved a podium placing in the wash basin tap product group – one of our specialist fields, taking third place in no less than all three award categories: ‘Satisfaction’, ‘Price/Performance’ and ‘Trust’.

SCHELL is a preferred brand for industry professionals

The declared aim of the independent DtGV market research institute is to provide consumers with objective analyses that help them with their buying decisions for products and services in various industry sectors. This latest consumer study, “Germany’s best brands 2023/24 – favourite brands for sanitary equipment professionals”, was also conducted to give customers a reliable guide to the fast-growing range of sanitary equipment available. The study comprised 292 online interviews with HVAC and sanitation professionals, who provided individual ratings across seven product groups. From baths and showers to bathroom furniture, shower panels or wash basin taps, separate ratings were also given in each sub-group for ‘Satisfaction’, ‘Price/Performance’ and ‘Trust’, to provide the simplest and most reliable buying guide for a particular brand.

SCHELL is a top choice for industry professionals

Only the top 20 percent of the 39 brands in total received the ‘Outstanding’ DtGV seal of quality. Like SCHELL – who achieved 6th place among the top brands in the survey of HVAC and sanitation professionals. And a truly outstanding result was also achieved in the wash basin tap product category: the tradespersons interviewed were seriously impressed by the range of versatile and high-quality fittings, awarding SCHELL 3rd place (of 14) in all of the ratings categories. Andrea Bußmann, SCHELL’s Director of Marketing, Sales and Product Management, is very happy with the results of the consumer study: “This outstanding score not only underlines the excellent reputation and trust that Schell enjoys as a brand among industry professionals, but also motivates us to further develop and improve our products and services for customers going forward.”



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