A rapid pace of change: digitalisation for HVAC and sanitation

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Every aspect of our lives is becoming increasingly digital – and now faster than ever. While it seems like we were still arranging appointments by phone only yesterday, it’s now more common to do so with WhatsApp or other messaging tools. More and more face-to-face meetings are also being replaced by digital meet-ups. And this trend is also being seen in HVAC and sanitation. However, while digitalisation offers new possibilities and opportunities on the one hand, many professionals often face a number of major challenges. Often, these will be small and medium-sized firms, although they are not exempt from the basic rule that being competitive means being able to adapt. And this adaptability usually pays its way, since digitalisation really can optimise processes and accelerate workflows. With its expert services and innovative product solutions, SCHELL helps installers exploit the opportunities offered by digitalisation and is therefore a reliable partner for those looking to modernise.

Saving time with new tools

To obtain a full and complete overview of all parts of the project they are working on, most companies now work with industry-specific software solutions. Although pen and paper used to be the tools of choice for scheduling or construction documentation, these processes are now handled quickly with digital alternatives. The same also applies for time recording, quotation preparation and invoicing. Quotes can be prepared for the client with little effort before leaving the construction site – and ideally on the same tablet that is now increasingly used for customer advice work. If a customer is interested in a product, additional literature can then be simply accessed on the mobile device. Thanks to cloud-based software solutions, this information can now be accessed by any project stakeholder, anywhere. This makes consulting services more responsive and efficient while ensuring information is location-independent. SCHELL also offers a range of digital, time-saving tools. Like its SSC Bluetooth module, for example, which makes electronic fittings Bluetooth-ready, enabling data transfers between a smartphone or tablet and the SCHELL fitting via a paired wireless connection. When installers are setting up the next fitting (of the same model) with the Bluetooth module, they can have the app simply copy the settings across.

Boosting efficiency with innovative technologies

The familiar sample folders are slowly being supplanted by 3D renderings, which give clients a considerably more realistic impression of the end result. At the same time, any modifications and changes needed are also quicker to achieve with this modern technology. A wide range of installation videos are also now available on YouTube, for example, which provide clear, step-by-step instructions to help professionals handle a particular product. These videos pack all of the necessary information into a compact format to ensure high-quality results. Time-consuming phone calls with the manufacturer are now increasingly a thing of the past. 

Industry outlook

Digitalisation will continue to provide the industry with plenty of interesting innovations – like augmented reality goggles, for example. Although nowhere near established on the market, AR glasses would simplify work significantly in the future, as they could ‘beam’ CAD drawings onto a wall or ceiling directly on the construction site – as just one example. This would give the customer a virtual preview of their future bathroom, so that they could see the end result even before construction started. Time-consuming rework would also be less likely. 3D printing is another topic that could soon become more important in the industry. Indeed, some companies have already acquired the necessary equipment, since this offers a quick and inexpensive way to manufacture urgently needed spare parts, for example. 

Change as a challenge

As in any area of our lives, change comes with many advantages as well as a number of challenges. For industry professionals, this means choosing the best way to use integrated electronic components, digital networking options and the latest technologies. Training – which takes time and costs money – is needed to ensure the proper use of these tools. SCHELL can provide installers with both advice and assistance, especially in relation to the commissioning of these new and innovative products. This ensures installers can continue to meet the increasingly demanding expectations customers now have for their projects and the advice that they receive.

Innovative product solutions from SCHELL

To meet and master all these challenges, SCHELL provides industry professionals with a comprehensive range of services and smart digital solutions. Check out our next post for full details of these services and solutions, and how SCHELL can help you capitalise on the digital transition.