University of Würzburg, Sanderring Campus

The University of Würzburg can look back over 600 years of history while remaining one of Germany’s mid-sized universities to the present day. At the University, 400 professors work in ten faculties to teach around 20,000 students. 

The roots of the University of Würzburg stretch back to the year 1402: after Prague, Vienna, Heidelberg, Cologne and Erfurt, Würzburg was the sixth university founded within German-speaking Europe.

Würzburg University’s most famous edifice is its main building, situated on Sanderring. While this is actually the oldest building, it refers to itself as the ‘New University’. The building is of course not itself new – being inaugurated on 28 October 1896. Instead, the ‘newness’ refers to the rededication of the University. Back in 1591, a colossal – for the time – university building was already in existence, although this eventually became too small over the next few decades due to ever-increasing student numbers. The building’s architect was Rudolf Ritter von Horstig, who later became the Rector of the Royal University House.

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