Pekrun Getriebebau, Iserlohn

Conversion of a factory building and construction of a new office and staff building

Based in Iserlohn, Pekrun is a highly successful manufacturer of gearboxes and special gear units. In 2011, the company had the chance to honour its roots while simultaneously accommodating its strong growth: by purchasing – and then demolishing and sanitising – the hot-dip galvanisation plant located just next door from a local firm, Pekrun was able to expand its existing company premises to add material storage and an order picking line. 

Project data

Production space and storage: 2,630 m²

Office and staff building: 575 m²

Execution: May 2011 to February 2012

Architects: SCHÜPSTUHL+PARTNER and Architekten Wickede/Ruhr

Office building and street facades: conceptual design by Könekamp Design, Brunswick

SCHELL product: LINUS DP-SC-T exposed shower panel

Alongside the extra space obtained, this project also offered an opportunity to redesign the building’s facade. This involved the systematic continuation of the existing steel/glass curtainwall, which now also functions as a visual calling card for Pekrun as metal-processing specialists. The new factory building has a definite retro look, with the minimal cladding used, made of untreated larch panelling, mimicking the wooden shipping crates used by large companies.

Nor was anything left to chance when equipping the shower facilities. Here, LINUS shower panels from SCHELL reinforce the positive image and ensure it is long remembered. Whilst showering, users enjoy optimum comfort thanks to the solid-yet-elegant fittings and a level of safety ensured by first-class hygiene. With their water- and energy-saving technology – like self-closing cartridges and thermostats – the shower panels also help to minimise their environmental footprint.