Novotel, Sennecé-lès-Mâcon

Novotel Mâcon Nord

Despite its proximity to the Paris-Lyon motorway, the single-storey Novotel Mâcon Nord is situated in a quiet area, halfway between the French capital city and Marseille, on the outskirts of Sennecé-lès-Mâcon.

Project data

Completion date: 1973

Last full renovations: 1998

Last partial renovations: 2014

Developer: Accor Group (owns about 3,800 hotels)

Rooms: 114

SCHELL products: CELIS E electronic wash basin tap

For many travellers, a stopover here is well worth making: the beautiful landscape around Mâcon is one-of-a-kind and world-famous for its wines – Burgundy and Beaujolais. The Novotel Mâcon Nord was partially modernised in 2014. The lobby, restaurants and conference rooms received a new coat of paint, with the large rooms and bathrooms redesigned in light colours. And a number of measures were undertaken to reduce long-term energy and water consumption.

These energy- and water-saving activities were introduced as part of the ‘Planet 21’ sustainability initiative that the Accor Group launched in 2011. This internal Group programme defines 21 interventions that aim to boost both the company’s environmental credentials and its cost-effectiveness. One of these goals, all of which had been successfully completed by 2015, was to reduce overall water consumption in all Accor hotels by 15 percent (in 2011, an Accor hotel used around 15,000 cubic metres of water a year, on average). The target of reducing energy costs by at least 25 percent was also met with flying colours. This result was rapidly achieved by a process of replacing lighting systems, the targeted inspection of devices and application of new settings, the specification of maintenance intervals for optimising operations and employee training.

In the course of implementing this sustainability strategy, SCHELL CELIS E electronic wash basin taps were installed on the wash basins in the semi-public sanitary facilities. Key benefits of these taps include their low water consumption, high energy efficiency, robust quality and especially appealing design. In making their decisions, investors focused on reliable functionality, since this implies cost-effectiveness and careful handling of resources.

Thanks to the contactless operation of the CELIS E, water use is cut by more than 60 percent on each use: when the user comes into sensor range, the wash basin tap lets the water flow and then switches itself off automatically once the hands are removed from the sensor field. The hotel and conference guests also consider the contactless operation to be very hygienic and convenient. The water jet is also kept soft and pleasant by the flow regulator, which is resistant to limescale. The electronic CELIS E unit also blends harmoniously into the overall washroom ambience. Thanks to the linear contours of its surface with soft, rounded edges and an exceptionally smooth, high-quality chrome finish, this SCHELL wash basin tap is very easy and quick to clean. The CELIS E will retain its elegant appearance in the Novotel Mâcon Nord for many years to come.