Montplaisir campsite

The idyllic 4-star Montplaisir campsite is located in Saint Rémy de Provence, a town surrounded by a regional nature park in the Alpilles, a small range of limestone mountains located in Provence, southern France.

Project data

Campsite renovations: 2013

128 pitches

12 camper vans

Plot size: 2.8 hectares

Category: 4 stars

SCHELL products: PURIS E electronic wash basin tap, LINUS D-SC-M concealed shower with WBD-SC-M concealed masterbox, SCHELLTRONIC infrared exposed urinal flush valve

Gérard Daniel and his sons set up the campsite in 1974 on the family farmhouse plot, originally planned as another source of income alongside fruit and vegetable sales. In 1997, the campsite became independent of farm operations, with hedging being used to create 140 separate pitches. Numerous species of shade trees are dotted around the three-hectare site.

As before, the campsite is run by the Daniel family and their employees. In the course of extensive renovations in 2013, Gérard Daniel and sons Guy and Bruno transformed the campsite into a modern and inviting hostelry for holidaymakers that still retains its homely charm. Included among the 140 pitches are 12 camper vans that the guests can rent as holiday homes.

Sanitary facilities on the camping site – and especially the fittings – need to be able to handle constant use. Open, shut – and repeat. Thousands of times a day. The water consumption associated with this use can quickly become astronomical. Accordingly, the fittings used needed to be of a robust, high quality and ensure continuous reliability while being cost-effective. An appealing design was also looked for – suitable for a modern campsite. These were the reasons why sanitary fittings from SCHELL were chosen for Montplaisir.

In the showers, LINUS D-SC-M concealed shower fittings for mixed water with self-closing functionality were installed. These are easy to operate and also offer plenty of scope for flow time adjustment to ensure the economical use of water. Operation is entirely hydraulic and requires no external energy source. And also important on a campsite: these elegant wall outlets feature a solid metal body, making them proof against vandalism.

Also vandal-proof and equipped with reliable, long-lasting infrared electronics are the electronic wash basin taps from the PURIS E HD-M series. A total of five flush programs can be chosen here, including 20-second stagnation flushes after the last use as well as thermal disinfection flushes to achieve and maintain a perfect level of hygiene. Stepless adjustment of the water temperature and an integrated sensor to stop the unnecessary flow of water ensure cost-effectiveness by achieving major savings to both water and energy use.

For optimum hygiene and user comfort without requiring manual operation, the campsite owners chose SCHELLTRONIC exposed infrared flush valves for the urinals. With fully contactless operation, a flush after each user is therefore guaranteed. This keeps the urinal bowl hygienic and no guest is confronted with objectionable sights or odours.