XERIS wash basin tap series: outstanding design paired with intelligent technology

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Touch-free taps are becoming increasingly important in today’s world, because they prevent contact infections when they’re used. This ensures greater levels of hygiene, while protecting the health of the tap user. Contact-free convenience and compelling aesthetics are particularly in demand in public sanitary facilities. The challenge is to combine enduring functionality and impeccable hygiene with high-quality design. This is exactly what the SCHELL XERIS fittings range achieves. No need to settle for second best thanks to the large variety of designs. Three different sizes, three different spout lengths, different trigger mechanisms and diverse options for temperature regulation cover every preference by offering a suitable model for every high-end public and semi-public washroom. Visually, the fitting series appeals with its elegant straight lines. The robust metal design, sterling workmanship and top-quality technology meet all the requirements in the public domain.

XERIS E: Non-contact comfort for demanding applications

XERIS E and XERIS E-T are electronic fittings which meet the highest demands in terms of comfort and hygiene when used. The stagnation flushes of both fittings can be customised. Accordingly, how and when they are carried out is up to the user: for example, 24 hours after the last use.

The entire water supply is provided by high-quality plastic components compliant with drinking water standards. This also keeps the temperature of the tap housing low. It goes without saying that the infrared sensor control enables easy and contact-free triggering for every user.

XERIS E-T: The star of the range

The XERIS E-T is the range’s ultimate product: featuring a thermostat and contact-free sensor control, it unites comfort and anti-scalding protection with maximum hygiene and economical water consumption.

The water only flows when it’s needed. Compared to a standard single-lever mixer, this allows water savings of up to 62% with infrared sensor controls. XERIS E-T offers an additional bonus in terms of safety with the option of thermal disinfection. Moreover, the temperature can be precisely adjusted using the thermostat and it remains constant.

In addition, the anti-scalding protection is there in case of cold water failure. The fitting is pre-set to ensure that hot water is shut off within one second. As a result, the XERIS E-T combines impeccable hygiene, reliable user safety, maximum efficiency and superb design.

SCHELL SWS: connecting and controlling fittings intelligently

XERIS E and XERIS E-T can be used autonomously, but they’re also SWS and SSC-compatible. Single Control SSC via the SSC Bluetooth®app enables fast and easy parametrisation of the fittings.

Settings such as stagnation flushes are simple to set up and optionally log when the module is permanently installed on the fitting. But the easiest way to operate them is using the SCHELL water management system SWS 

Programming is extremely convenient with the intelligent system. Adjustments to stagnation flushes, water flow times and much more besides can be made conveniently from a central location using a PC, tablet or smartphone.

There are many other options besides, such as programming stagnation flushes to the minute. With the SMART.SWS online service , these can be monitored from any location and adjusted, if necessary, even from your office at home.

Xeris SC: iow contact in everyday use

Innovative fitting for heavy use: the vandal-resistant XERIS SC with SCHELL self-closing cartridge offers maximum hygiene thanks to the use of materials suitable for drinking water, while also being very easy to trigger thanks to its low actuation resistance.

The fittings in the range are available in three sizes

XERIS E-T: mid; for mixed water
XERIS E: small, mid and large; each for cold and mixed water
XERIS SC: small and mid; each for cold and mixed water

It’s not without reason that the XERIS E-T won the Iconic Award 2017, the German Design Award 2018 and the German Innovation Award 2018. Find out more about the origins and design of the fittings range here.