Bucharest Henri Coandă International Airport, Otopeni

Extensive conversion and renovation works were completed at Bucharest Henri Coandă International Airport between 2009 and 2010. 

Project data

Terminal for international departures: 19,990 m²2

Terminal for international arrivals: 13,485 m²2

Sanitary facilities: 6,430 m²2

SCHELL products: SCHELLTRONIC infrared exposed urinal flush valve

The aim of this project was to give the airport a modern and professional ambience. For the sanitary facilities, planners were looking for fittings able to meet all their requirements, from cost-effectiveness and hygiene to resilience, robustness and the design. SCHELL’s product portfolio proved to be the perfect match, and a total of 352 PURIS E electronic wash basin taps and 80 SCHELLTRONIC infrared urinal flush valves were installed.

PURIS E is a classic fitting from the SCHELL product range and one of our best-sellers. With its unassuming yet elegant design, it harmonises well with almost any sanitary facility while enhancing it visually. The fitting’s solid, all-metal housing gives it excellent protection against vandalism, and PURIS E also leaves nothing to be desired in terms of hygiene. Its contactless operation avoids all physical interaction with the fitting and it also offers up to five separate flush programs. As finishing touches, the fitting also offers special functions like automated hygiene flushes, which are carried out 24 hours after the last use to prevent water stagnating and the potential formation of biofilms.

For the urinals, the planners avoided the expensive option of concealed installation, choosing to use SCHELL exposed urinal fittings instead. Here too, the topic of hygiene is very important. As on the wash basins, contactless operation was also prioritised for the urinals. As a bonus, the reliable, infrared electronics also offer a configurable automated flush time that only uses as much water as is actually required. A 24-hour hygiene flush prevents the odour trap drying out and therefore a potential odour nuisance.