Amar Business Zone, India

SCHELL products in high-end business high-rise

In the middle of the beating heart of the Indian college and business metropolis Pune lies the Amar Business Zone – a luxury office high-rise in a class of its own. The premium amenities in this certified Green Building feature products from SCHELL, which were used as part of the sanitary facilities fit-out.

Project data

Property type: Office building

Requirements: New-build project

Completion: 2022

Place: Pune

Country: India

Developer: Amar Builders

Interior design: MoCo Design Studio

Size: 290,000 m² gross floor space, 18 storeys

SCHELL products: COMPACT II concealed WC flush valve, EDITION Eco WC operating panel, COMFORT angle valve with regulating function, bidet hand shower


Alongside first-class quality and a modern, luxurious design, hygiene and the environment were also important aspects for the sanitary facility fit-out in the Amar Business Zone. As an essential component of this green building, sanitary facilities obviously needed to meet specific ecological requirements and support the overall sustainable approach taken to this construction project. Also important was the choice of functional and robust sanitary products, able to reliably handle use in this high-traffic office building while offering a high standard of hygiene and comfort.


To ensure that all requirements are met in full, the developers choose to outfit the WCs and bidets with products from SCHELL. A total of 564 COMPACT II concealed WC flush valves with matching EDITION Eco WC operating panels not only keep noise and water consumption to a minimum during flushing but also offer a premium and modern visual appeal. In the sanitary facilities, 548 bidet hand showers with connection hose and matching wall bracket were also installed. This product can significantly reduce water consumption in combination with the COMFORT angle valve. As key parts of the building services, SCHELL sanitary equipment seamlessly merges with and promotes the overall design strategy for the Amar Business Zone, while also helping to achieve its platinum certification as an IGBC Green New Building.

A total of 564 COMPACT II concealed WC flush valves with matching EDITION Eco WC operating panels were installed in the WCs in the Amar Business Zone. This ultra-low-noise concealed flush valve has a reduced flush rate of just 1–1.3 l, which makes it significantly more environmentally friendly than standard cisterns while helping to reduce water consumption. The EDITION Eco operating panel also lives up to its name, helping to ensure sustainable and resource-friendly consumption by providing a choice of a main flush or economy flush. Nor is it all about function: the design, featuring round operating buttons in a square frame, means that the operating panel, with its premium, chromed finish, blends seamlessly into the overall Amar Business Zone aesthetic.

In the sanitary facilities, 1,091 COMFORT angle valves with regulating function were also installed, along with 548 bidet hand showers with connection hose and matching wall bracket. The hand showers feature a locking lever that offers two different types of actuation: the flow of water can either stop each time the lever is released or the lever can be locked into place to ensure a steady stream of water. When combined with a properly adjusted COMFORT angle valve, water consumption can be reduced by up to 40 percent without requiring any compromises for user comfort.

Known as the ‘Oxford of the East’, the metropolis of Pune boasts 3 million inhabitants and is now India’s ninth-largest city. The Amar Business Zone is located in the lively centre of this major college and commercial city, situated directly along the famous Baner Road. With its luxurious, all-glass facade, and an appealingly low-key yet vibrant elegance, this impressive high-rise offers 18 floors of space for many commercial enterprises and offices.

As a platinum-certified green building, the architectural design of the Amar Business Zone incorporates a number of approaches to sustainability and environmental protection, including the optimised facade structure, which reduces building energy consumption by up to 30 percent.

To ensure the Amar Business Zone can be utilised as efficiently and conveniently as possible, the building has been subdivided into three functional areas. The two lower storeys are home to the ‘Promenade’, featuring a generously proportioned foyer, several luxury boutique shops, showrooms, restaurants and other commercial units. The 12 upper floors of the high-rise are utilised as office space, with the four-storey ‘Parking Bay’ located in mezzanine levels between them.