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For the last two years, we have offered customers a unique opportunity to take a look behind the scenes with our multifunctional SCHELL Mobile, which lets you experience our solutions for drinking water and user hygiene live on your premises. From whole sale to HVAC and sanitation, and in-house expos, our rolling demos have already impressed many customers. Since summer 2023, two SCHELL Mobile trucks have been on the road for our customers, to ensure we can meet international demand.

Inside the truck, visitors will find a professionally equipped sanitary facility featuring innovative products and systems offering an interactive experience. Alongside electronic wash basin and kitchen taps, shower panels, WC/urinal modules and leak protection fittings, the Mobile truck also offers a unique attraction: a look behind the scenes at our SCHELL SWS Water Management System. Transparent piping and advanced LED systems illustrate how the water flows through the system – during automated stagnation flushes, for example – which lets us provide you with a product demonstration that is truly memorable.

Hands-on with our product range

Markus Mohr, who travelled with one of our SCHELL Mobile trucks to southern Germany, sees the ‘house calls’ it made to HVAC and sanitation companies, wholesalers, etc. as a really special event. “For our customers, the Mobile truck has the huge advantage that they can stay put, as SCHELL brings all of the innovative product solutions directly onto their premises,” Mohr explains. “There’s also more time to discuss things in depth than there would be at trade fairs.” Employees at the companies visited also welcomed the chance to experience an on-site product presentation and get detailed answers to their questions. Recently, for example, SCHELL Mobile visited Friedrich Morsch GmbH & Co. KG, a company that employs around 80 people based in Plankstadt near Heidelberg, Germany. Managing Director Stefan Menrath was very impressed: “From trainees to seasoned supervisors, our workforce made good use of the visit and enjoyed having the full range of functionality for the fittings demonstrated by SCHELL expert Markus Mohr. And we were keen to take a good look at the automated flushing setup using the SCHELL SWS Water Management System in particular,” Mohr adds, summarising the visit as follows: “The showroom stayed on our premises for about three hours, which was almost too short, actually. So I’m sure this won’t be the last time that Schell Mobile pays us a visit.”

2024: destination Europe!

There are plenty more stops planned for SCHELL Mobile, with the tour continuing through Europe in 2024. We’re already looking forward to some initial dates planned for the next few months. Thanks to the expansions made to our fleet in summer 2023, we can now travel to destinations all over Europe – including Austria, Belgium, Hungary, Italy and Netherlands. Next year, we’ll be adding more countries, including Czech Republic, Poland and Romania. For our international trips, the SCHELL Mobile trucks are now kitted out with multilingual product signage in the national language.

Feedback on visits by our SCHELL Mobile trucks has been positive and there’s plenty of demand for more destinations. This year, we’re looking forward to continuing this convenient, hands-on SCHELL Mobile approach to showcasing SCHELL products at your international premises.

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