One year of SCHELL Mobile. Our rolling showroom celebrates its first birthday.

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In autumn 2021, we introduced our SCHELL Mobile concept to great acclaim. Since its maiden journey, the truck has been on tour throughout Germany and has become very popular with our customers. During this first year, it was fully booked at all times. High-quality SCHELL fittings, products and solutions like the SWS Water Management System can be experienced hands-on with support from SCHELL experts. Interested in booking the SCHELL Mobile for 2023? We’ll be very happy to reserve you a slot and pay you a visit.

A mobile showroom that goes under the hood

When SCHELL Mobile comes to visit, you can experience high-quality SCHELL products and ask our experts anything you want to know. Solutions for maintaining drinking water quality are also included and you can pick the products to focus on, because SCHELL Mobile has everything to hand. Experience wash basin, kitchen, shower, WC, urinal and leak protection taps and fittings in action – including the multiple award-winning contactless wash basin tap XERIS E that offers optimum user comfort packaged in an elegant interior design. You can also experience how simple it is to set parameters on electronic SCHELL fittings with SCHELL Single Control SSC. Flow times, sensor ranges and much more besides can be easily configured using a tablet and the SSC Bluetooth® module. A simulated water installation is the real highlight in SCHELL Mobile, however, letting visitors experience the flow of water from stagnation flushes, for example, as triggered by fittings networked with SWS.

Show time for SWS with SCHELL Mobile

The fully functional water installation is an ideal way to illustrate the interplay between the corresponding electronic SCHELL fittings and the SWS Water Management System. With fittings that are not connected to the installation, the flow of water is simulated using LEDs at the tapping points. The Mobile truck really shows how the central SWS control system helps facility managers who need to simulate specified normal operation for their drinking water installation. With SWS, automated stagnation flushes that are precisely tailored to the local building requirements and circumstances can be set up across all corresponding, networked SCHELL fittings.

For the flushes themselves, SWS fittings can be combined into groups in order to achieve the necessary, full exchange of water that is required in order to simulate specified normal operation. This configuration is made quickly, simply and centrally using SWS. All flushes are also documented by the system. SWS can naturally also be used to program flow times, sensor ranges and much more besides for the fittings in its network, and ensure effective maintenance planning. All of this can be demonstrated in SCHELL Mobile. But customers also get the chance to make the settings themselves, with help from our experts. Configuring stagnation flushes that then automatically start the flow of water through the fittings in SCHELL Mobile is always an exciting and dramatic experience. Which is why this real-world demo of SWS is so popular with visitors to the Mobile truck.

Tour stop with focus topic or employee training

Anyone who books the SCHELL Mobile can of course specify particular areas of interest beforehand. Hospital managers, for example, can find out more about the SCHELL products and system solutions that help to maintain user and drinking water hygiene in high-risk areas such as nursing or help to prevent scalding injuries with the ThermoProtect technology, for example. If required, our consultants can also provide your employees with training on the benefits of networked, contactless fittings for large-scale projects. Just call us or drop us a line.

SCHELL Mobile is coming to your city in 2023!

Over the last year, we have recorded trips to so many cities all over Germany in our log book, and have enjoyed giving individual consulting sessions and covering customer training requirements. So why not book your own visit from our multifunctional showroom in 2023? Although we stayed fully booked right up to the end of 2022, SCHELL Mobile will once again be hitting the road for you in 2023. If you want to experience our products for yourself or recommend a stop, then simply talk to our SCHELL Field Sales Team to book your slot. Use the Contact Search on our website to find the designated contact for your region. The SCHELL Mobile truck and its seasoned team of experts will then make their way to you for an exclusive visit. Go here to find out even more about our showroom on wheels.