WALIS E – for modern installations without flushing stations

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A flushing station no longer makes the grade when it comes to safeguarding drinking water hygiene. Most importantly: it does not exempt you from the legal obligation to flush across all tapping points. Modern fittings technology has obsoleted the need to install a flushing station.

Electronic fittings not only help to maintain water quality but also have huge advantages when it comes to the installation itself. SCHELL’s WALIS E electronic wash basin tap offers us the perfect example here: the fitting is ideal for cold water and mixed water tapping points, which are often tucked away in basement rooms or garages. And for a more detailed look at why electronic fittings outclass flushing stations, take a look at this post

WALIS E – the perfect partner for utility sinks

Tapping points located in remote areas of existing properties often go hand-in-hand with tricky installation situations: no power outlets, cramped conditions, water mains in the wrong place… the list goes on and on. But help is at hand from taps like the WALIS E, which is battery-operated and therefore needs no dedicated power supply. A mounting bracket for exposed piping is another flexible option if piping is routed over brickwork. The adapter compensates for the extra 40 mm that is needed here. When compared with flushing stations, the WALIS E also needs no additional supply lines or siphons while also taking up a lot less space. All of which makes it the perfect choice for renovations in difficult conditions. With its options for automatic stagnation flushes and the ability to network with the SCHELL SWS Water Management System, the tap offers an optimum level of support for safeguarding drinking water hygiene. With the WALIS E, you can say goodbye to flushing stations – forever.

Charité Berlin – a case study

Charité Berlin has also benefited from their use. In this healthcare facility, WALIS E was installed on each utility sink located at the end of two cold water branch lines on the top floor: these sinks are only used occasionally for cleaning work. With the utility sinks located one floor above the operating theatres, this makes them perfect for ‘flushing out’ the cold water installation in the theatre area. Thanks to the two new WALIS E taps combined with the SWS Water Management System, routine use is now simulated by the automated stagnation flushes, which are both scheduled and also occur on-demand based on temperature readings. For the last kind of flush, temperature sensors were installed in the cold water line in theatre washing facilities: these ‘talk’ to the two WALIS E taps on the top floor and trigger flushes any time the cold water line rises above 25 °C. Perfect support for maintaining drinking water hygiene at a remote location without any flushing station: it really can be this simple.