Non-contact hygiene – also in the kitchen

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The new electronic SCHELL GRANDIS E kitchen tap simply promotes the protection of water quality at a critical tapping point. After all, pure drinking water is the hygienic prerequisite for clean hands and healthy food in every kitchen.

Opt for a single-lever mixer or IR triggering

The electronic SCHELL GRANDIS E kitchen tap is the latest addition to help maintain drinking water quality in the kitchens of public, semi-public and commercial buildings. It unites the best of two worlds giving users the choice: its single-lever mixer offers users the familiar convenience of manually adjusting the water quantity and temperature in the usual way. However, the integrated electronics with infrared sensor also allow non-contact actuation with preset water temperature. This is what makes the GRANDIS E so hygienic and convenient.

Thanks to the integrated stagnation flush, it automatically ensures the water exchange required during longer periods of non-use takes place, flushing both the hot and cold water pipes. This allows normal operation to be simulated even in the event of fluctuating frequency of use.

Hygienic triggering by an IR sensor

The touch-free triggering means that the fitting’s single-lever mixer doesn’t become contaminated by hands that get dirty during cooking, baking and handling. According to the WHO, 80% of pathogens are transmitted by hands. This risk is eliminated with non-contact control. In addition to all the hygiene aspects, non-contact triggering is also an extremely convenient feature. The mixing ratio of hot and cold water can be set during installation. In addition, the tap is triggered as soon as your hand is 3 cm or closer to the sensor field, for example. In the same way, removing your hand from this area stops the water before the end of the flow time. The sensor range is restricted to 3 cm to prevent accidental triggering – such as when placing a saucepan in the sink.

Suitable for all standard sinks

The GRANDIS E kitchen tap can be used with a wide variety of sink designs. This is because the angle of rotation of the swivelling spout can be limited as required when installing it on single and double sinks. The settings ensure that the spout cannot be accidentally swivelled over the draining board or counter top and left there. In turn, this ensures that the water flow only ends up in the sink, even during stagnation flushes – thus preventing floods.

Convenient adjustment especially with SCHELL SWS or SSC

The integrated stagnation flush and, for example, flow times can be activated and set up by means of short range reflex. Using the SCHELL water management system SWS or the SCHELL Single Control SSC Bluetooth® module to make adjustments is even easier and offers a plethora of additional options. Both systems not only allow stagnation flushing intervals to be individually set, but also weekdays and times, for example – all conveniently from a smartphone, tablet or PC. What’s more, temperature curves during operation of the drinking water installation can be fully documented when used in conjunction with temperature sensors and SCHELL SWS. The GRANDIS E kitchen tap is the perfect addition to the intelligent water management system, which, when combined with other electronic SCHELL taps, provides integrated support for maintaining drinking water hygiene at all essential tapping points.

Discover more about SCHELL SWS and SSC

Fast fitting of the GRANDIS E kitchen tap

The SCHELL GRANDIS E kitchen tap is supplied with a practical fixing set making it easy and quick to fit. The scope of delivery also includes pre-assembled connection hoses, flow regulator and installation wrench. Talking of flow regulators: the optional flow regulator for reducing the flow volume while maintaining the same level of comfort earns 2 LEED points when used in public areas and 6 LEED points when used in private areas. Furthermore, the GRANDIS E kitchen tap can also be used when no power socket is available: in addition to a variant for mains operation, there’s also a version for battery operation, especially suitable for retrofitting. This is how this innovative SCHELL product helps to maintain the quality of drinking water at all times, from the kitchenette in the hotel to the kitchenette in the office; this is also down to the particularly high-quality, lead-free and nickel-free materials used.