EDITION series – concealed flush valves for WCs and urinals

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Concealed WC flushing systems are an essential part of sanitary facilities on semi-public, public and commercial premises. Unlike sanitary facilities in private homes, WC fittings in e.g. airports, railway stations or sports venues have to withstand exceptional levels of use. Local circumstances here will vary depending on the building type, usage patterns and characteristics of user groups. The requirements that need to be met by operators of sanitary control fittings will differ accordingly. With its EDITION series, SCHELL offers WC and urinal controls in a wide range of variants. All models have one thing in common: their design and appearance has been carefully coordinated, so that they can be combined together easily to present a uniform, high-quality visual style.

EDITION WC operating panel for manual actuation

Always ready to flush, water-saving and inexpensive: SCHELL offers its EDITION WC operating panel in a range of versions to suit different application scenarios. This designer fitting with a manually operated self-closing cartridge is also available as a low-pressure model, the EDITION ND (combined with the COMPACT II ND flush valve). For both products, an ECO version is also available: this offers dual-flush functionality that also helps to save water. If structural conditions mean that the installation depth is particularly shallow, the EDITION ECO 100 with dual-flush functionality offers the perfect solution, as it features a compact installation depth of 100–160 mm.

EDITION E and EDITION E Manual contactless WC control

Combining hygiene with saving water, SCHELL’s EDITION E and EDITION E Manual WC controls are triggered by an infrared sensor, offering an especially hygienic and water-efficient solution that perfectly complements the EDITION urinal series. The control is triggered automatically by a hand moving near to the sensor and even lower-threshold activation is possible by a room monitoring system that detects when patrons leave the WC. The EDITION E Manual version, which is also triggered by an IR sensor, has an additional emergency trigger that means the WC flush push button can be operated manually for a flush in the event of a power failure. The rugged stainless steel front panel is ideal for use in sanitary facilities on public and commercial premises. The EDITION E and EDITION E Manual WC controls feature an automatic stagnation flush. This flushes every 24 h after the last use. These models are also configurable via SCHELL Single Control SSC and are suitable for networking with the digital SWS SCHELL Water Management System.

EDITION urinal operating panel for manual actuation

Robust, aesthetically appealing and cost-effective: the EDITION urinal operating panel with self-closing cartridge and push button is a reliable solution that does not need an external energy source. It is available in three versions – chrome-plated plastic, alpine white plastic or a vandal-resistant model with a front panel made from brushed stainless steel.

EDITION E contactless concealed urinal control

The EDITION E urinal control meets the very highest hygiene standards: its infrared sensor detects the user’s presence and releases the pre-set flush volume once the user has left the sensor’s detection range without any contact being needed. Optional configuration by short-range reflex is also available: this can be used to trigger an automatic flush every 24 hours or 24 hours after the last usage, for example. The EDITION E urinal control can also be adjusted using SCHELL Single Control SSC and networked together with SWS.

The fitting also offers another useful feature for sanitary facilities that experience especially heavy periods of use: automatic stadium operation. In stadium mode, the urinal control switches to a reduced flush volume when usage levels are high and flushes with this reduced water volume regularly, so as to minimise water consumption while still ensuring hygienic use of the fitting. The urinal then exits from stadium mode once user traffic decreases again.

SCHELL SWS Water Management System

The contactless EDITION E WC control and the EDITION E concealed urinal control are suitable for networking with the SCHELL SWS Water Management System. SWS offers a time-saving and convenient approach to programming fitting parameters and other settings, such as automated stagnation flushes. SWS also offers the option of assigning networked fittings to groups. The simultaneous flushing of all fittings in such a group means that high flow velocities can be achieved in the installation piping: this creates the kinds of turbulent flows that are necessary and sufficient for maintaining water quality. A continuous and unbroken record of stagnation flushes can also be kept.

SWS is extended by the browser-based online service SMART.SWS. Accessed via a secure, encrypted connection, this gives managers and technicians remote access to their installations. This allows adjustments to be made to stagnation flushes for networked fittings and other parameters, ensuring they are optimally configured to maintain drinking water quality and economical facility operation.


Concealed flush valves from SCHELL offer reliable technology for a low initial investment. These benefits are especially valuable for fittings used in sanitary facilities on (semi-)public premises that experience high levels of use. The models featuring contactless triggering are especially hygienic and water-saving solutions that are ideal for large sports venues and stadiums. The self-closing variants featuring manual actuation are a low-cost solution that still offers an appealing aesthetic. Last but not least, the timeless design of the EDITION series operating panels proves that functional doesn’t need to mean frumpy.

More information about WC and flush systems from SCHELL is available here.

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