Digitalisation for HVAC and sanitation – with help from SCHELL

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To say that sales pipelines are full for the industry right now would be something of an understatement. Yet while they are full, getting them to flow requires a lot of time and effort. Overwork and even order rejections due to a lack of capacity are a common occurrence. At the same time, customers continue to have high standards when it comes to their projects and the advice they receive. Digitalisation can help to meet these requirements and offers two kinds of support for industry professionals: 1. Digitalised processes can help HVAC and sanitation businesses save time. 2. Customer needs are easier to meet. As a professional, your digital expertise makes it much easier to give customers the advice they need. SCHELL also provides innovative solutions and services that help the industry exploit the many advantages of digitalisation.

Recommending electronic fittings

Modern facility managers are looking for intelligent solutions for their systems that help them meet their legal obligations. This is where industry professionals can help clients out by recommending electronic fittings that reduce operating costs while also providing support for maintaining drinking water quality. The alternative – manual stagnation flushes – involves time-consuming work and high personnel costs. Electronic fittings, such as the XERIS-E-T from SCHELL, provide an elegant solution here with automated stagnation flushes that can be configured directly on the fitting.

Time-saving parametrisation with the SSC Bluetooth® module

SCHELL’s SSC Bluetooth® module is another helpful tool when it comes to time-saving, digital processes. The module offers even more efficient parameterisation for electronic SCHELL fittings in relation to stagnation flushes or flow times. Thanks to this module, professionals can adjust parameters simply by using their smartphone or tablet plus the free app for iOS and Android. The SSC Bluetooth® module is also useful if multiple SCHELL fittings of the same type need to be configured with identical settings. These settings can be stored temporarily in the app and then simply transferred to the next paired fitting. Setting up even as many as 20 or so fittings is therefore amazingly quick and easy. If the module is permanently installed – i.e. left in place between the fitting and the power supply – other functions then become available, such as advanced settings, stagnation flush logging and many more besides. To find out more, see this post and the following video.

Digital water management with SWS

To ensure the efficient and economical operation of the building installation, and optimum support for maintaining drinking water quality, an ideal approach is to combine electronic fittings with a water management system. With its Water Management System SWS, SCHELL has pioneered the use of water management in public, semi-public and commercial sanitary facilities. SWS not only supports the central configuration, monitoring and logging of stagnation flushes but can also be used for the predictive planning of maintenance work. With the SMART.SWS online service, facility managers can also keep track of their systems while out and about to ensure things keep running smoothly. With this combination, HVAC and sanitation firms can easily meet customer needs for efficient solutions while also gaining a competitive advantage, thanks to their digital know-how.

Not yet up to speed? SCHELL publishes product literature and advice on drinking water hygiene and SWS on a regular basis. SCHELL’s Customer Service and Field Sales teams also offer valuable support, advice and assistance for any enquiries you may have.

HTL Jenbach – digitalisation for tomorrow’s trades

Nor is the support SCHELL provides for digitalisation limited only to today’s professionals. The Federal Vocational Technical College (HTL) in Jenbach in Austria is a training ground for the next generation of mechanical engineers, mechatronics engineers and energy/building services engineers. Keen to ensure that their students acquire practical and future-oriented skills, professors at the College have been using a training wall from SCHELL for a while now, which features electronic sanitary fittings in combination with SWS. In this way, SCHELL is ensuring that upcoming professionals also gain valuable digital know-how from the outset.