Catch SCHELL’s SHK sneak preview on SHK.RADIO

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Not long now until the big day – SHK Essen opens its doors on 6 September 2022. In a new episode of ‘Erfrischend klar – SCHELL informiert (rund ums Wasser)’ (‘Refreshingly clear – the word on water from SCHELL’) on SHK.RADIO, SCHELL’s Head of Product Management Dr Oliver Fontaine gives us an engaging sneak preview of the upcoming trade fair. In this interview with host Thomas Gerres, he explains what’s in store for visitors to the SCHELL stand as well as the innovations the company will be showcasing at SHK. Fontaine: “The last trade fair in Nuremberg was of course a runaway success, so we’re certainly looking forward to having a really great experience here at SHK. And we’re also very interested to see whether visitor numbers will be as good as they were in Nuremberg.”

New arrivals for MODUS

SCHELL has certainly been busy, as visitors to the stand will find out. The SCHELL MODUS series has been recently expanded by two product innovations, for example. “The MODUS series is an elegant yet functional family of fittings,” Fontaine explains. Offering an attractive price/performance point, the series is still ‘indestructible’ enough to handle the requirements of (semi-)public sanitary facilities. The family has also now been expanded to include the MODUS shower thermostat and MODUS single-lever mixer, with various handle and cartridge options. These new models perfectly complement the MODUS E series of contactless wash basin taps launched back in 2021.

Optimum anti-scalding protection: the MODUS shower thermostat

The MODUS shower thermostat offers two especially impressive features, as Fontaine explains. “The thermostat offers extra protection for all users – but especially for children and people who may have slower reaction times. This is all down to the ThermoProtect technology used here.” This limits the temperature to 38 °C as standard, with the maximum temperature being 43 °C, which requires users to press a button to unlock. “But that’s the absolute limit – even if the cold water line fails,” Fontaine explains, “which ensures we can offer optimum anti-scalding protection.” The other special feature is the IsoBody technology. “This offers protection against burns: the fitting’s body stays at the same temperature as its surroundings and never gets hot. This is possible because the internal water path is thermally insulated from the rest of the fitting.” Last but not least, the shower thermostat is also easy and intuitive to use.

MODUS single-lever mixer in four variants

The new MODUS single-lever mixer offers no less than four different options. First of all, customers can choose between two different types of handle. Fontaine: “The designer lever is a solid handle of the kind often seen on conventional single-lever taps. The loop handle, on the other hand, offers easier operation for individuals with limited mobility – the inner opening makes the handle easier to grasp hold of.” And there is also a choice of cartridge: the basic cartridge offers mechanical limiting of the hot water flow, while the ThermoProtect cartridge once again uses this eponymous technology to provide anti-scalding protection. “The cartridge limits hot water to no more than 38 °C – even if the cold water line fails.”

MONTUS Flow cistern modules with stagnation flush

Alongside these innovations to wash basin and shower fittings, two new WC cistern modules – MONTUS Flow and MONTUS Flow H – also await visitors to SCHELL’s stand 5B29 in hall 5 at SHK. “Common to both these modules is functionality that lets them join an SWS Water Management System network and they can also trigger flushes automatically with the SSC Bluetooth® module.” In this way, the modules also help to maintain drinking water hygiene. MONTUS Flow H is also an ideal solution if accessible facilities are needed, Fontaine continues. This module can be equipped with load-bearing brackets to which support handles can be fitted, for example, so as to offer a helping hand to people with physical disabilities. Both modules also complement SWS perfectly. “They seamlessly expand our comprehensive, modular system and, as a finishing touch to our product range, ensure that stagnation flushes can be executed at any of the most important tapping points in a public or semi-public installation,” Fontaine explains. Even in kitchens – thanks to the GRANDIS E. This hybrid tap with two options for operation will also be showcased in Essen.

Dr Fontaine provides a lot more information on SCHELL’s new products, the SWS Water Management System and the SMART.SWS online service add-on in the SHK.RADIO episode. To find out more, simply head over to the Media Library and listen to the show.