Case studies – SCHELL solutions prove their worth in sports and leisure centres

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The sanitary equipment used in leisure and recreational facilities needs to meet especially high standards. Operators have to manage fluctuations in use, and ensure compliance with laws and regulations while providing user comfort for their patrons. Variations in usage intensity not only occur on a day-to-day basis but also result from seasonal changes to operating conditions, such as public holidays, the autumn off-peak season or winter, for example. Resorts at the upper end of the market will also be looking to satisfy higher standards when it comes to the design of their sanitary equipment – this is especially true of wash basin taps, which are a key focal point of any visit to a sanitary facility. Last but not least, building operators are also looking to run their drinking water installation sustainably while saving water. In this article, we use two examples to show how these requirements can be met efficiently with SCHELL.

St. Leoner See 4-star superior campsite and recreational park

At the St. Leoner See 4-star superior campsite and recreational park, the owners were looking to meet rising demand for comfort, user hygiene and drinking water hygiene with their sanitary facilities. The facility was therefore rebuilt from scratch and equipped with modern, energy-efficient SCHELL solutions.


When designing their new sanitary building, the site owners were looking to ensure energy efficiency and user comfort while meeting high hygiene standards. One particular challenge arose from the specific circumstances of sanitary facility use at the site: some of the facility was used year-round, while other parts were opened only during the summer peak season. Accordingly, the owners needed to find a solution that could ensure drinking water quality was maintained (according to German VDI 6023) at all times, even during periods of partial downtime.


The owners picked products from SCHELL to ensure modern energy and hygiene standards could be met despite these difficult operating conditions, while offering the highest level of comfort to campsite guests. All wash basin taps and shower fittings are networked with the SCHELL SWS Water Management System, which uses regular, automated stagnation flushes to help maintain a high level of drinking water quality. For this installation, the system is managed using two servers: one server controls the stagnation flushes in the sanitary facilities that are used all year round, while the second server is networked with the wash basin and shower fittings in the facilities that remain closed during the winter season. The wash basin taps and shower fittings also feature contactless operation to ensure operation is hygienic, convenient and economical in terms of water use. A temperature lock in the shower fittings also prevents any risk of scalding injuries being suffered by campsite patrons.

Electronic wash basin taps from the XERIS E HD-M series have been installed in the new, accessible sanitary facilities building. These fittings feature contactless triggering using an infrared sensor, which conserves resources while also minimising the risk of contact infection. Parameters such as sensor range, follow-up time and stagnation flushes can be easily programmed and adjusted using the SWS system.

In the showers, SCHELL LINUS D-C-T concealed showers were installed with matching MONTUS shower modules. These shower fittings are extremely economical with water, as they feature innovative, self-closing CVD touch electronics. The integrated thermostat offers reliable anti-scalding protection – even if the cold water line fails. The low-contact, intuitive controls offer functional, hygienic and comfortable operation for patrons.

The advanced features offered by the SCHELL products installed in the new sanitary facility not only offer impressive energy efficiency, hygiene and functionality but also help to ensure the overall well-being of guests during their stay at the St. Leoner See campsite.

More information about the project and other SCHELL products used for this customer can be found in the St. Leoner See campsite case study.

Nara Bình Tiên Golf Club, Vietnam

The Nara Bình Tiên Golf Club is situated in the driest province in Vietnam. This resulted in a special set of requirements for its sanitary facilities, with electronic wash basin taps from SCHELL helping facility managers to save water while also contributing to resource-friendly and environmentally friendly operations.


Annual precipitation in Ninh Thuan province is the lowest anywhere in Vietnam. Effective measures to save water were therefore the overriding goal for the fit-out of the new sanitary facilities, whose design also needed to blend seamlessly with the luxurious interior decor at this high-end golf club. Since the interior design specification envisaged the use of countertop wash basins, the new wash basin taps needed to be of a certain height. Last but not least came user hygiene, and the importance of minimising the risk of contact infections during handwashing.


Thanks to their intelligent, infrared sensor technology, the electronic XERIS E HD-M large wash basin taps are especially economical with water: water only flows when hands are within sensor range – afterwards, the flow of water stops automatically. Compared with conventional single-lever mixers, this can cut water consumption by up to 70 percent. The attractive XERIS E HD-M large taps are also impressively stylish: the extra height of their 280 mm outlets means they perfectly match the elegant countertop wash basins and put the finishing touches to the overall design. The infrared sensor electronics in the fitting also help to ensure user hygiene: thanks to the automatic water shut-off, the tap does not need to be touched once hands are clean and washed. This is an effective measure to reduce the risk of disease transmission by contact infection. Users can set the water temperature by adjusting the temperature control located on the side of the tap. Tap parameters such as sensor range, follow-up time and maximum flow time are programmed directly on the fitting by short-range reflex. If necessary, the golf club management team can also schedule automatic stagnation flushes on the taps to help ensure drinking water quality: these flushes ensure the regular exchange of water in the mains piping, and therefore prevent water stagnating and the consequent dangerous concentration of harmful bacteria. SCHELL angle valves with COMFORT regulating function further support this goal of saving water: once optimally adjusted, these valves can reduce water consumption by up to another 40 percent.

More information about the project and other SCHELL products used for this customer can be found in the case study for the NARA Bình Tiên Golf Club, Vietnam.


Operators of high-end sports venues and recreational facilities utilise solutions from SCHELL to meet the specific challenges for their sanitary equipment with optimum products and systems. Contactless sensor fittings from SCHELL support user hygiene while offering a timeless and elegant design that blends harmoniously with designer wash basins. Thanks to their contactless operation, these taps also help to cut water consumption by up to 70 percent. The digital SWS Water Management System was also used to solve the problems of running a drinking water system that experiences strong seasonal fluctuations in use. SWS helps operators ensure the economical operation of their systems while maintaining drinking water quality – even during seasonal periods of downtime, on public holidays or when the venue is closed.

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