Außenansicht des NARA Bình Tiên Golf Club mit grünen Bergen im Hintergrund.

NARA Bình Tiên Golf Club, Vietnam

SCHELL fittings help to save water in Vietnam’s driest province

The NARA Bình Tiên Golf Club is situated in the driest province in Vietnam. These extreme climatic conditions resulted in a special set of requirements for the sanitary facilities at the golf venue. Electronic wash basin taps from SCHELL provide essential support to facility managers in saving water, and contribute to sustainable, resource-friendly and environmentally friendly building operations.

Project data:

Property type: Golf club

Requirements: New-build project

Completion: April 2022

Location: Bình Tiên Village

Country: Vietnam

Architects: Golfplan, IMG Prestige

Site area: Golf course 80 ha, total site 190 ha

SCHELL products:

XERIS E HD-M large electronic wash basin tap

COMFORT angle valve with regulating function


NARA Bình Tiên Golf Club is located in the Ninh Thuan region, which has the lowest annual precipitation in the country. Effective measures to save water were therefore the overriding goal for the fit-out of the new sanitary facilities. Another important aspect was the fitting design, which needed to blend seamlessly with the ultramodern and elegant style choices made at this luxury golf club. Since the interior design specification envisaged the use of countertop wash basins, the new wash basin taps needed to be of a certain height. Last but not least came user hygiene, and the importance of minimising the risk of contact infections during handwashing.


Thanks to their intelligent, infrared sensor technology, the electronic XERIS E HD-M large wash basin taps are especially economical with water: water only flows when hands are within sensor range – afterwards, the flow of water stops automatically. Compared with conventional single-lever mixers, these sensor taps can cut water consumption by up to 70 percent. This means that the XERIS E fittings are perfect for meeting the requirements resulting from the extreme climatic conditions at the venue, and help to ensure water-saving and environmentally friendly operation. This goal of saving water is further achieved by the SCHELL angle valves with COMFORT regulating function: once optimally adjusted, these valves can reduce water consumption by up to another 40 percent, and their noise class I rating means they are especially quiet. The COMFORT handle also makes valve operation much easier.
The elegant XERIS E HD-M large wash basin taps are also impressively stylish: the extra height of their 280 mm outlets means they perfectly match the elegant countertop wash basins and put the finishing touches to the overall design. The infrared sensor electronics in the fitting also work to optimise user hygiene: thanks to the automatic water shut-off, the tap does not need to be touched once hands are clean and washed. This is an effective measure to reduce the risk of disease transmission by contact infection.

XERIS E wash basin tap meets challenging requirements for conserving resources

The NARA Bình Tiên Golf Club is located in the driest province in Vietnam, so the primary goal for the fit-out of the sanitary facilities was saving water. This requirement was easily met by the XERIS E HD-M large electronic wash basin taps with their intelligent infrared sensor electronics. With electronic SCHELL fittings, water consumption can be reduced by up to 70 percent. This is because water only flows when hands are within the detection range of the sensor. Water consumption at the Golf Club is further reduced with the help of SCHELL angle valves and their COMFORT regulating function. Once properly adjusted, these angle valves can cut water consumption by up to 40 percent. The COMFORT handle makes the valve easier to manage for maintenance and repair work.

Stylish support for user hygiene

The contactless triggering of the XERIS E HD-M large with an infrared sensor makes using the tap both convenient and hygienic while also significantly reducing the risk of contact infections. Users can set the water temperature by adjusting the temperature control located on the side of the tap. Tap parameters such as sensor range, follow-up time and maximum flow time are programmed directly on the fitting by short-range reflex. If necessary, the golf club management team can also schedule automatic stagnation flushes on the taps to help ensure drinking water quality: these flushes ensure the regular exchange of water in the mains piping, and therefore prevent water stagnating and the consequent dangerous concentration of harmful bacteria. The XERIS E HD-M large wash basin taps also meet the sophisticated requirements at the venue for a modern and aesthetically appealing product design: with their high-gloss chromed finish and softly rounded contours, these slimline taps blend harmoniously into the high-end interior design featured in the NARA Bình Tiên Golf Club. Thanks to an outlet height of 280 mm, the XERIS E HD-M large is ideal for use on the existing countertop wash basins.

About the Golf Club

The NARA Bình Tiên Golf Club is the first golfing venue in the Ninh Thuan region, and was designed by the award-winning golf course architects David Dale and Kevin Ramsey from Golfplan. As a truly world-class golf course, surrounded by luxury hotels and resorts, this 18-hole championship course is a popular tourist attraction that offers visitors an exclusive golfing experience. Embedded in the breath-taking landscape of the Nui Chua National Park, the course takes players through softly rolling meadows and sand dunes from the hills to the coast. The location of the clubhouse on a slight elevation offers a wide-ranging, panoramic view out over the golf course and the beach at Bình Tiên. With its orange-coloured facade, the club building offers a striking contrast to the rich greens of the landscape. The interior design of the clubhouse is characterised by a linear-geometric stylistic idiom, with muted colours and elegant fixtures and fittings. Indoor and outdoor seating for up to 200 guests is offered by THE VIEW restaurant with its panoramic window and VIP dining suite. Outstanding conveniences offered by the NARA Bình Tiên Golf Club include a golf shop stocked with high-quality items, elegant changing rooms with a sauna and whirlpool, and lounge areas outside, which invite guests to relax and enjoy good company. At night, the solar-powered illuminations transform the golf course into a unique, illuminated landscape.