Better sustainability, more comfort: saving water and energy with fittings and angle valves

Anyone who uses less water and energy lives more sustainably while also saving money. This is because warm water consumption in buildings is an important driver of both carbon emissions and energy costs. There are huge potential savings to be made here. As a pioneer in the field of water‑ and energy‑saving sanitary systems, we can offer a broad portfolio of highly efficient solutions with which users can significantly reduce their water and energy consumption – and therefore costs – while making an important contribution to climate change mitigation.

The focus here is on two specific product groups: electronic taps and angle valves, both of which offer impressive potential savings. As one example, contactless SCHELL taps can cut water consumption by up to 70% compared with conventional single‑lever mixers: both simple and efficient, this is now an increasingly interesting option not only for facilities on (semi‑)public and commercial premises but also in residential buildings. SCHELL angle valves with regulating function also offer stalwart support here: once properly configured, these can cut water and energy consumption by up to 40% – and without compromising user comfort.

Cut water consumption by up to 70% with electronic taps

One of the main reasons for an increase in water and energy consumption is that the water keeps running when it is not actually needed. As one example, most users don’t actually turn off the tap while soaping up their hands at the wash basin. The (hot) water continues to flow and is wasted unnecessarily. In other cases, the tap lever is not closed fully after washing the hands, which also increases water consumption. These are both situations that can be effectively avoided by switching to electronic SCHELL taps that are controlled by an infrared sensor. Afterwards, water only flows when it is actually needed. The flow of water starts when the user holds their hands within the detection range of the intelligent sensor and it stops once the hands are moved out of this area. Sensor‑controlled taps can cut water and energy consumption by up to 70%.


Low‑contact SCHELL self‑closing taps offer another option for reducing water consumption: here, the flow of water is started manually and stops automatically after a preconfigured period of time. Compared with standard, single-lever mixers, savings of up to 55 percent can be achieved. As a welcome additional benefit, both SCHELL self-closing and sensor taps offer an impressive level of optimum, convenient user hygiene, as they can be operated with little or no contact from the user’s hands. This effectively minimises the risk of contact infections. From wash basins and kitchens to showers, WCs and urinals – SCHELL offers many water‑ and energy‑saving solutions for a wide variety of applications.

Saving water with a flick of the wrist: all possible thanks to SCHELL angle valves with regulating function

Those wanting to achieve more savings should remember to look under the wash basin: the role of angle valves as ‘eco heroes’ is often overlooked when it comes to saving water and energy. In a matter of minutes, users can cut water and energy consumption by up to 40%. This is made possible by the clever regulating function on these angle valves. The flow volumes of cold and hot water can be adjusted individually, and varying pipe pressures can be compensated for. The first step is to open the tap on the wash basin or in the kitchen all the way – with the lever in the centre position. The next step is to use the handles on the angle valves on the cold and hot water inlets to regulate the flow of water until it has the required volume and temperature as it comes out of the tap. The tap is then closed again – and the next time it is used, it will start to save water and energy. In addition, an optimally adjusted angle valve also ensures the perfect balance between cold and hot water, which makes things even more comfortable for tap users during hand washing.
Sanitation professionals have relied on SCHELL’s trusted, ‘Made in Germany’ quality for decades. And it’s no accident that we are the global leader in angle valves, for example: two SCHELL angle valves are installed somewhere in the world every second – with over 700 million fitted to date. From designer angle valves and angle valves with regulating function and filters to protect high‑quality fittings to angle valves with temperature sensors for use in the SWS Water Management System: the company’s portfolio of over 200 angle valves offers made‑to‑measure solutions for a wide range of requirements. Common to all products are their durable quality, their production from high‑quality, potable water-grade materials, and their rapid and simple installation. Thanks to their low sound levels and noise class I, they also produce no distracting water noises – even when their flow is throttled back.


These innovative SCHELL solutions can be used to save water simply and effectively. Anyone who uses less hot water, simultaneously saves energy. The installation of an angle valve offers a very simple way to achieve savings of 40% in no time at all. Contactless taps are especially convenient and hygienic to use, while also offering savings of up to 70% in comparison with single‑lever mixers.

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