Total service station, Saint Épain

Since 2016, anyone travelling between Paris and Bordeaux will find a new motorway service station almost exactly halfway along the route, just after Tours. And it’s well worth stopping. Alongside an inviting menu and a well-stocked supermarket, travellers can also enjoy superior hygiene and comfort, thanks to fittings from SCHELL. 

Project data

New-build project

Completion: 2016

Architects: Groupe Cimaise

Engineers: ICR ingénierie

SCHELL products: PURIS SC HD-M self-closing wash basin tap, LINUS DP-SC-T exposed shower panel, EDITION WC operating panel, EDITION E urinal control

The new service station is the latest addition to the filling and service station network run by French energy company Total. Along with companies such as ExxonMobil, Shell and BP, multinational Total is one of the top six market leaders. Alongside oil and gas, the company is also active in the generation of renewable energy. 

And travellers stopping at the Total service station in St Épain can also top up their energy levels– with food, drink and a chance to freshen up. A cosy restaurant, a well-stocked supermarket and sanitary facilities plus showers offer everything that car and truck drivers could want. Plus the chance to refuel their vehicles, of course. 

In designing the new service station, architects Groupe Cimaise and engineers ICR chose to make bold use of the corporate colour of red, combining this with cream and black as the other primary colours. While the filling station roof is conventional, the supermarket and restaurant building is more dynamic, thanks to its oblique roof edging and slightly canted angles. In equipping the sanitary facilities, the architects opted for SCHELL’s legendary quality.

As facilities with lots of patrons, motorway service stations can be a hotspot for germs and the like – and their fittings also need to stand up to constant and heavy use. On the other hand, washing facilities should ideally be much like those we have at home. 

With their all-metal design, fittings from SCHELL are particularly durable. The high-quality chromed finish and rectilinear contours of the PURIS fittings makes them especially easy to clean while creating an elegant ambience. Contactless triggering on the urinals makes them well able to handle high levels of traffic. As another benefit, the self-closing design of the cartridges in the wash basin taps and shower panels also helps to reduce water consumption.