SV EATON Sports Hall, Ziersdorf

Ziersdorf Sports Club

Living space in the town centre is always in demand – even in the small Austrian community of Ziersdorf, where the old, centrally located sports hall had to make way for new flats and terraced housing. 

Project data

Construction time: 24 months

Opened: March 2013

Developer: Ziersdorf Council

Construction costs: EUR 1.4 million

SCHELL products: LINUS D-SC-M concealed shower

In exchange, an attractive new sports hall was constructed on the outskirts of Ziersdorf. Since its completion, it has been the home ground for the local football team SV EATON. Alongside a main pitch and training field, there is now also a clubhouse with stands, a taproom, modern changing rooms, and sanitary facilities for both players and fans.

The grand opening of the new sports hall in March 2013 marked a major milestone in the roughly 90-year history of SV EATON as a club. Since then, roughly 130 footballers in 8 teams – 6 of which are junior teams – use the building for training and match activities on an almost daily basis. The changing rooms and shower areas see particularly heavy use. STRABAG, Austria’s leading building contractor, therefore ensured that robust, economical fittings were used in the sanitary areas.

Advanced engineering, a robust, all-metal housing, operational reliability and a modern design are all features of the LINUS D-SC-M shower fitting. Its corrosion-resistant, self-closing cartridge triggers the flow of water immediately after actuation. Water-saving operation is guaranteed, thanks to the pre-configured flow time. This flow time can be set to anywhere between 5 and 30 seconds. For anti-scalding protection, facility managers can also limit the hot water temperature. 

Hygiene and user comfort are top priorities for the LINUS D-SC-M: the knurled mixing head turns very easily between hot and cold (and vice versa), offering easy and convenient handling for users when regulating the water temperature. Smooth chrome surfaces, which repel water and soap residues, and can be effortlessly cleaned, ensure hygienic conditions in the sanitary facility.