Student Cultural Complex, Wrocław University of Science and Technology

Wrocław is a rising star among Europe’s cities, with a long history, vibrant traditions and an extensive cultural programme. At the same time, this metropolis – named a European Capital of Culture in 2016 – also welcomes newcomers with open arms. More than 150,000 students swell the ranks of Wrocław’s 600,000 citizens.

Project data

Design: Design Studio Meritum, Chrzanów, Poland

Main planners/building contractors: Mota-Engil Central Europe SA

Project budget/capital investment: EUR 27 million

4 floors, 3,000 sqm

Parking for 300 cars

SCHELL products: PURIS E electronic wash basin tap, PURIS SC self-closing wash basin tap

Wrocław University of Science and Technology (PWr) is one of ten universities in the city. With 4,200 employees, including 160 professors and 1,650 lecturers, it is also the city’s biggest employer. Roughly 32,000 students are currently enrolled at PWr. In December 2012, PWr added another feather to its cap: the construction of ‘Stefa Kulturi Studenckiej Politechnika Wroclawska’ not only created one of Poland’s most modern student cultural buildings but also established a lively point of focus on the campus. Visitors can look forward to an impressive variety of rooms, covering four storeys and 3,000 m² of floor space. The building houses a split-level cafe with stage and sun terrace, a student club, two conference rooms, an exhibition hall and a modern canteen with seating for 500. The building also features automated, multi-level parking for almost 300 cars.

SCHELL’s PURIS wash basin taps have been installed in the new building’s sanitary facilities. The visually identical PURIS E and PURIS SC models offer key benefits that impressed the building planners as they were selecting fittings. These benefits include the robust, vandal-proof all-metal body as well as the proven and highly advanced ‘Made in Germany’ fittings technology. With infrared control or self-closing cartridge, both SCHELL technologies provide many years of reliable and continuous operation.

The PURIS E electronic wash basin tap was used in all of the most heavily used sanitary facilities – namely the facilities used both by the many students and guests alike. This sensor-controlled fitting offers an outstanding level of hygiene, with contactless operation and a choice of five flush programs including automated stagnation flushes. Regular exchanges of water to maintain good drinking water hygiene are therefore ensured, even for rarely used tap points. Optional thermal disinfections are also available with this fitting.

Alongside reliable functionality and durability, frugal use of resources also helps to make the PURIS taps so efficient. Compared with a conventional wash basin tap, the PURIS sensor fitting cuts water usage by up to 60 percent. Even the self-closing variant, PURIS SC-M, reduces water consumption by up to 40 percent – depending on the flow time setting of between 2 and 15 seconds. Offering a good price/performance point, PURIS SC-M was chosen for installation in all of the sanitary facilities that are used exclusively by the staff who work at the University. The flow of water starts with a gentle press of the tap head and then stops automatically, which also maintains a high level of hygiene.