State Theatre, Kassel

Since February 2007, the City of Kassel and the North Hessian region once again have a ‘proper’ state theatre. After 30 months of performances in temporary facilities, the old theatre building with stage and opera house has now reopened, following extensive renovations. 

Project data

Architects: Paul Bode

SCHELL products: PURIS E electronic wash basin tap

During the Second World War, a night of heavy bombing in Kassel on 22 October 1943 severely damaged the building. The construction of a new theatre was therefore planned, and it opened with pomp and fanfare in 1959. In 1983, the ‘tif’ (‘Theater in Fridericianum’) studio stage was added, with seating for 99. Today, the State Theatre employs a workforce of 500 people and is a modern stage for the performing arts that acknowledges its tradition while welcoming modernity with open arms.

The elegant and luxurious SCHELL PURIS electronic wash basin tap blends seamlessly into this flourishing atmosphere of past and present. Contactless operation also ensures that it meets theatregoers’ requirements for outstanding hygiene.

The all-metal fittings with their premium, polished chrome finish are fitted with a quality aerator that produces a soft and voluminous jet of water. The tap’s sensor-controlled actuation also reduces water consumption by around 60 percent, compared with conventional fittings. Proof that comfort and cost-consciousness need not be mutually exclusive.