Sportpark Klagenfurt

Located halfway between downtown Klagenfurt and Wörthersee in the province of Carinthia lies Sportpark Klagenfurt with the impressive Wörthersee Stadium, a representative, modern multipurpose sports centre with a wide range of attractions for visitors. The stadium – and 2008 European Cup venue − features a sickle-shaped roofing membrane made from transparent double-webbed panels that, together with the generously proportioned supporting structure, lets it appear dynamic and yet perfectly at home in its surroundings.

Project data

Multipurpose sports centre

Architects: DI Albert Wimmer ZT

Completion: 2007

Capacity: 30,000

Plot size:186,939 m²

Usable space: 20,522 m²

Special features:Home ground for SK Austria Klagenfurt

SCHELL products: PETIT SC self-closing pillar valve, XERIS E electronic wash basin tap, LINUS DP-C-T shower panel, SSC Bluetooth® module

Since it first opened in 2007, the stadium has been the home ground of SK Austria Klagenfurt, and also offers its facilities to keen young sportspeople as a modern (vocational) training centre.

Alongside the football stadium and Football Academy, modern and generously proportioned sports facilities also offer space for many other sports. Together, a Beach Volleyball Centre, Track and Field Arena, Archery Centre, Billiards Academy and Olympic Centre form the cornerstone of this, Austria’s largest multipurpose sports complex.

In addition, Sportpark Klagenfurt also plays host not just to sporting events but also to many other kinds of events in the cultural calendar. Alongside football matches, this multipurpose sports park has also established itself as a popular event venue in the region for concerts, company parties, galas, seminars and even film shoots.

The sanitary facilities at this sports venue were kitted out with new wash basin taps and shower panels from SCHELL as part of a modernisation project. The old concealed showers were replaced by LINUS DP-C-T shower panels, whose high-quality, anodised surface finish and clean, linear design now give the shower cubicles a modern and elegant appearance. The new panels were quick and simple to install with just three bolts, and were also a perfect fit for the openings left by the old concealed shower panels. The CVD touch electronics offer flow time programming accurate to a second, which is very effective at saving water. Twelve XERIS E taps were also installed in the WCs in the VIP Zone. Combining innovative technology with award-winning design, these taps feature contactless operation using their integrated infrared sensor systems. A total of 42 SSC Bluetooth® modules were also installed in both the showers and the VIP Zone to avoid having to carry out stagnation flushes manually in the future. With the help of this practical tool and the associated app, settings for the shower panels and fittings can be checked and adjusted as necessary at any time. This makes the parametrisation of multiple fittings significantly easier. If the module is left in place on the fitting, as at Sportpark Klagenfurt, this also lets facility managers program routine stagnation flushes, for example, which then run automatically. Manual stagnation flushes are therefore a thing of the past. Operation is quick and easy, using the free app for iOS and Android. For the wash basins in the WC facilities next to the bleachers, 150 water-saving PETIT SC self-closing pillar valves were used. With their elegant chrome finish, these offer quick and easy flow time adjustment directly on the fitting itself.