Silesia City Centre, Katowice

Silesia City Centre is the most popular shopping centre in the Polish regions of Upper Silesia and Zagłębie.

Project data

Modern retail and leisure centre

Split-level gallery

Total area: 86,000 m² (approx.)

310 shops, cafes, restaurants, and more

Architects: Bose International Planning and Architecture

SCHELL products: Electronic wash basin tap CELIS E, Self-closing wash basin tap PETIT SC

With its 310 shops, cafes and restaurants, the Centre is one of the largest retail and entertainment complexes in southern Poland. In fact, it’s almost like a small town, with its marketplace, town hall and 13 shopping malls named after famous cities. After being expanded in June 2011, it’s now also home to global brands like Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger and Marco O’Polo. The Centre logged over 300,000 visitors in the first week after conversions were completed. Apart from a rich and varied retail experience, visitors can also pay a visit to the cinema, dance club, bowling alley and many other attractions. The entire complex is equipped with modern fixtures and fittings. To ensure the requirements of the architects, fit-out planners and developers could be met in terms of design, quality, robustness and (above all) hygiene, SCHELL fittings were chosen for the sanitary facilities.

Thanks to its contactless operation, the CELIS E wash basin tap not only offers excellent levels of hygiene but also features an elegant design. The fitting is also exceptionally robust, thanks to its all-metal housing. The CELIS E is also a high flyer when it comes to day-to-day operations, being able to cut water consumption by up to 60 percent when compared with conventional fittings. The 24-hour hygiene flush prevents water stagnating in the piping and therefore reduces the risk of Legionella contamination. CELIS E therefore ensures optimum water quality at all times.

The PETIT SC wash basin tap also combines impressive resource use and hygiene with a modern design. This fitting is also characterised by its sheer robustness and long-term reliability. Thanks to its intelligent self-closing mechanism, unnecessary water wastage is prevented while ensuring compliance with high hygiene standards.