Ramada Hotel, Pitești

Opened in September 2011, this 4-star hotel presents its guests with a very modern and luxurious ambience.

Project data

New-build: opened in September 2011

Modern, 4-star hotel

135 rooms

Large Congress Centre

SCHELL products: CELIS E electronic wash basin tap

Also characteristic for the hotel is the high quality of its technical fixtures and fittings. These also enhance the hotel’s large Congress Centre, whose multifunctional meeting rooms are used for a wide variety of events, such as congresses, seminars, conferences, weddings and corporate functions. In this part of the hotel in particular, the sanitary facilities must also reflect the modern and sophisticated ambience. For the wash basins, the planners therefore chose to use our award-winning CELIS E design tap.

Alongside its outstanding design, the CELIS E electronic wash basin tap is also characterised by its contactless mode of operation, which therefore offers a maximum level of hygiene for users. For facility management, the fitting is also a real asset, since it reduces water consumption by up to 60 percent compared with conventional fittings. The CELIS E therefore combines modern design and perfect hygiene with optimum cost-effectiveness.