Promenada Mall, Târgu Mureș

Covering almost 52,000 sqm of floor space, the Promenade Mall Târgu Mureș is the biggest retail complex in Mureș. This giant retail and leisure centre includes over 85 shops, 8 cinemas and a children’s play area as well as restaurants and cafes. Opened in 2007 by the Metro Group, the complex was renovated and expanded in 2014 by the French Immochan company, which represents Auchan Group in Romania.

Project data

Largest retail complex in Mureș, approx. 52,000 sqm of floor space

More than 85 shops, 8 cinemas, children’s play area, restaurants and cafes

Completion: March 2014

Retail space: 52,000 m² (approx.)

Parking: space for more than 1,500 cars

SCHELL products: PETIT SC DH-K self-closing wash basin tap, EDITION E urinal control

With building and conversion work complete, the new Auchan department store takes up around a fifth of the Promenada Mall. Some 9,500 m² of retail space offers more than 40,000 food and non-food items and is served by 44 tills, with 360 employees working in this part of the store alone. Alongside the eight public bus services that run between the Promenada Mall and local city districts, three Auchan minibuses also provide a free delivery service for bulky or heavy customer purchases.

Patrons shopping at the expanded store can naturally look forward to modern sanitary facilities, with customers and staff alike being greeted by a bright and appealing ambience. The facilities are also easy to keep clean and tidy.

Long-lasting cleanliness and resistance to vandalism as well as economical use of water are key aspects for the heavily used sanitary facilities in a large store. At the 6 urinals, EDITION E triggers contactless flushing, while the PETIT SC self-closing cold water tap has been installed on the 12 wash basins.

Made from stainless steel, the EDITION E urinal control combines clear-cut design with reliable functionality as well as optimum hygiene and user comfort. The control electronics behind the panel use an infrared beam to detect users and respond promptly. In the event of greater user frequency, the electronic module in EDITION E switches automatically to economy mode, with flushing limited to once a minute. A hygiene flush is also pre-programmed to occur once every 24 hours. This prevents the unwelcome odours that may develop when a urinal is used only rarely.

In both the male and female facilities, six individual wash basins were used in each case to create a visually appealing, linear installation. Here, investors decided to combine the basins with SCHELL PETIT SC pillar valves, a fitting that offers very reliable water handling and which is especially economical with water, thanks to its self-closing function. Once again, the robustness of the fitting body and internal self-closing technology were key reasons for choosing this model. The flow volume of just 6.0 l/min ensures economical water usage. The flow time can be adjusted to any time between 2 and 15 seconds.