‘Prague 3’ Nursery School

Project data

Renovations: 2009

Architects: Architektonický ateliér DSK

Engineers: Arch. Roman Vedral

SCHELL products: PETIT SC self-closing wash basin tap, angle valve with normal filter

The old buildings in the ‘Golden City’ of Prague are a major attraction for history buffs. The ‘Prague 3’ Nursery School has also retained its original building fabric and recent renovations have focused exclusively on its two large sanitary facilities. All work was completed as planned in August 2009.

SCHELL products

When planning the sanitary facilities, SCHELL products had been decided on in advance, as maintaining good hygiene while exploring options for cost savings were both important to the local council. All SCHELL products installed exhibit the characteristically robust, all-metal quality, long-term reliability, features for modern installation and maintenance, and very high standard of hygiene. All of these are important factors for public sanitary facilities with many patrons – in this case, the more than 100 pupils attending the school. The PETIT SC wash basin tap has an automatic self-closing mechanism that enables especially cost-effective and reliable operation, even during periods of high-intensity use. Offering an attractive price/performance point, the PETIT SC is especially suited for installation in projects that prioritise a low level of investment.

During renovations, SCHELL filter angle valves and new, high-quality flexible hoses were also fitted underneath all of the children’s wash basins. The filter angle valves feature SCHELL’s proven filter technology, which protects the new wash basin taps against impurities in the water over the long term – to make keeping the washrooms clean (literally) child’s play.