Obor Indoor Market, Bucharest

At the place where Bucharest’s biggest, oldest and most colourful farmers’ market used to be held twice a week in the open air until 2007, a lofty building now stands: the Obor Indoor Market. 

Project data

Opened: 2011

Usable space: 40,000 sqm

SCHELL products: PETIT SC self-closing wash basin tap, SCHELLOMAT BASIC exposed urinal flush valve

This new indoor market brings together hundreds of small, independent retailers under one roof. Locally sourced fruit and vegetables, dairy produce, meat and fish are now available on a daily basis. In addition to cosmetics and household goods, multimedia and electrical appliances, clothing and shoes, nursery plants and much more besides.

The start of construction on the new indoor market marked the end for Bucharest’s farmers’ market – a nearly 300-year-old tradition. And was also marked with protests from locals, who wanted to keep their much-loved open-air market on Piata Obor square. This was replaced by the new, multi-storey indoor market. While this building cannot match the archetypal flair of the earlier market, the food on offer is as fresh as it has ever been. There are also many more retailers – and therefore a much wider choice of goods. And there are now hygienic sanitary facilities that allow tourists and locals to stay at the market longer, and complete their shopping at their leisure.

The self-closing cold-water PETIT SC fitting features a minimalist, compact housing, is exceptionally robust and can handle even the toughest working conditions. Making it an ideal choice for the 36 medium-sized wash basins in the Obor Market.

The high-quality plastic cartridge mechanism responds to the lightest of palm pressures on the button. Thanks to the variable adjustment of flow time to anywhere between 6 and 15 seconds, this wash basin tap offers plenty of potential for saving water. And to ensure water consumption remains sensible even with a generously configured flow time, a long-lasting flow regulator reduces the flow volume to 5 litres a minute. A rotation lock specially developed for the PETIT SC offers additional protection against vandalism.

With the SCHELLOMAT BASIC exposed urinal flush valve, high product quality and durability are key features, combined with constant flush operation even during heavy use, straightforward exposed installation and easy maintenance. The chromed, all-metal fitting ensures a high level of hygiene in sanitary facilities and excellent protection against vandalism. Continuous, trouble-free operation despite constant use is ensured by the reliable plastic cartridge with internal pre-filter. Together with its proven mechanism, the SCHELLOMAT BASIC urinal flush valve also offers plenty of potential for saving water: independently of mains pressure, the flush volume can be set to between 1 and 6 litres.